Aardvark Video Teams Up with NFL’s Super Bowl LVIII Business Connect Program: Elevating Sports Enter

Posted on: February 13, 2024

Aardvark Video Teams Up with NFL’s Super Bowl LVIII Business Connect Program: Elevating Sports Enter

Las Vegas was chosen as the site of the Super Bowl this year.  For the past year, the city has been preparing. 

Part of that was the selection of suppliers to serve the needs of the Super Bowl and all its activities would bring.  This included staging, food services, and much more including the need for video production.

That’s where Aardvark Video fits in.  The NFL has a partnership with an organization, Business Connect which secures and prepares these suppliers.  Over 700 businesses submitted applications and we were one of the 200 selected.  All are required to be certified with typically a minority, veteran, women, or disability-owned classification.

We weren’t certified before this but went through the extensive process which in addition to collecting reams of documents,  even included an interview.

Business Connect Super Bowl Experience: 

Business Connect did a fantastic job of training and preparing the suppliers.  Many were very small and inexperienced and through meetings and coaching sessions, their ability to secure jobs and do the work was enhanced.  Business Connect even had sessions on security and a personal introduction to many venue representatives to extend business opportunities well past the Super Bowl.

For us, we had received only one request up until 2 weeks before the Super Bowl and then like a torrent, vendors were looking for our video production.  We booked four Super Bowl jobs; one was covering the introduction of a special Super Bowl-themed product, another was doing sound for a publication a third was editing a project that would be shown on the large stadium screens during the pre-show.

The product introduction involved a location shoot at a very prestigious store with numerous sports celebrities present and the final product, turning out an Instagram video and photos overnight.

We also helped interview Cameron Heyward and Rod Woodson for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The edit project required two nights of staying up past 3 AM with even another change right before going online the day of the Super Bowl – but we got it done!

We were interviewed by a local News Channel to discuss our experience with Business Connect


The collaboration between Aardvark Video and the NFL’s Super Bowl LVIII Business Connect program signals a convergence of creativity, technology, and community engagement. With a shared vision and commitment to excellence, they are setting new benchmarks for sports entertainment and fostering an inclusive industry.

The Super Bowl in Las Vegas was a huge success and we look forward to the next one.