Are AI Generated Commercials the New Future? All About AI Commercial Video Production

Posted on: February 2, 2024

Are AI Generated Commercials the New Future? All About AI Commercial Video Production

AI is advancing every day - and savvy companies are putting it to use.

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, commercials stand as important assets in amplifying brand recognition, driving sales, and articulating core messages to potential customers. Traditionally, the creation of compelling video commercials has been a resource-intensive process in terms of both time and cost. However, the paradigm is shifting, thanks to the strides made in artificial intelligence.

At the forefront of this transformative approach is BLARE Media, pioneering the integration of AI in generating custom video commercials swiftly and economically. The advantages of AI-generated commercials are manifold and redefine the way modern brands and businesses approach advertising.

Cost Savings

The AI workflow we use at BLARE Media facilitates the creation of custom animated commercials at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional video ads. This democratizes the use of the powerful trio of sight, sound, and motion, enabling even smaller brands to harness their potential.


The power of AI significantly expedites the video ad creation process. While specific timelines may vary, AI undeniably shrinks the traditional production cycle from weeks or months to mere hours or days.

Iteration and Testing

BLARE Media’s generative AI approach allows for the rapid production and refinement of multiple video ad variations. This streamlined process facilitates A/B testing, empowering businesses to identify the most resonant messaging and creative elements without the constraints of traditional production bottlenecks.


Recognizing the unique nature of each brand, BLARE Media collaborates directly with clients and AI to customize every aspect, from branding and messaging to mood and style. This ensures that the distinctive identity of each brand shines through in the final product.


The continual improvement of AI generation technology ensures that the quality and creativity of BLARE Media’s output evolve in tandem. This commitment enables the delivery of innovative and impactful video ads that stay abreast of the latest trends.

Is AI-Created Marketing Video Suitable for Your Business?

While it might not be the ideal choice for every business, AI-generated commercials offer unparalleled advantages for numerous marketing endeavors. BLARE Media’s generative AI not only helps teams maximize budgets but also enables the creation of content that would have been nearly impossible otherwise. The brilliance of this new paradigm lies in its ability to unleash creativity without geographical constraints, allowing businesses to bring extraordinary concepts to life.

Partner with BLARE Media for Your Next Commercial

As leaders in generative video, BLARE Media empowers brands to cost-effectively produce AI commercials with compelling messaging tailored to their unique identity and audience. Reach out to our video production team today to explore our AI video ad service. We are ready to guide you through the intuitive creation process, helping you breathe life into dynamic commercials that place you at the forefront of the future of advertising. The potent combination of video and AI awaits – seize it now!