The Future of Video Production: Emerging Trends and Timeless Techniques

Posted on: January 13, 2024

The Future of Video Production: Emerging Trends and Timeless Techniques

Did you know that people worldwide watch billions (no, not millions) of videos every day? Thanks to reels, YouTube shorts, TikTok, and overall constant improvem

The video industry has become extremely competitive. If you want to stay relevant and be good at your job, understanding the upcoming trends while embracing timeless production techniques should be your bread and butter. This is where the future lies – being able to innovate while keeping your roots in tradition. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some suggestions.

Timeless Techniques You Should Always Use

While it’s paramount that you always keep growing as a creative professional, knowing the basics of what makes a quality video is indispensable. Let’s check out some of the techniques you should always keep close.

The Timeless Art of Storytelling

No matter how good your video looks, how amazing the scenery you’re shooting, or how high-tech the effects are, if there’s no story behind it, people simply won’t buy it. Ultimately, it’s the story that “sells” the video, not the other way around. 

By all means, be as creative as you’d like, but always remember to come back to the basics – having a story that deserves a fantastic video to illustrate it.

Sound Design and Production

While silent videos have found their place in the social media landscape, this doesn’t mean that sound design and production have lost their worth. Putting some type of preppy music or AI-generated voiceover is the go-to of many video producers today, using only some parts of the sound design elements. 

The truth is that getting creative with your sound production is equally important as having good video footage. If you don’t think this is the case, think of the ominous two-tone masterpiece from “Jaws” that announces the monster shark, and replace it with the “Old McDonald Had a Farm” tune… Not quite the same experience, is it? Dedicate time and effort to sound design and all its elements (music, dialogue, Foley, sound effects, and ambiance), and your videos will be well-suited to create a lasting impact.

The Importance of Framing and Composition

We mentioned the significance of storytelling and sound in video production, and then there’s the technique that completes the collage – framing and composition. Just like the story you’re conveying and the sound you’re using to do it is relevant for setting the scene and your viewer’s emotions, your unique composition and framing style are there to drive your video’s message home.

The composition of the video is basically the audience’s viewpoint, and how you frame your video will determine how your audience reacts to it. It’s not hard to understand why it’s a timeless technique that can help you with everything, whether that’s trying to stand out from the crowd, reduce the risk of copyright, or create a video that’s both high quality and unique. 


These three aspects are the pillars of timeless video production, the ones you can always come back to even when you don’t feel particularly inspired. Once these three are nailed down, you can branch out and play with emerging trends. 

Emerging Trends in Video Production

Now that we’ve tackled the 101 of video production, let’s take a look at the emerging trends you can try out and see how they fit with your style.

The Use of AI in Video Production

The world hasn’t been the same since OpenAi introduced ChatGPT to the online community. While some creatives got scared that they would lose their job to the AI video generators, it’s clear now that will not be the case. If anything, AI can make your life easier because it can cover simple but boring tasks, as long as you know how to instruct it.

This means you can use artificial intelligence for anything from automatically capturing subtitles to choosing the right camera anglers. Learn how to harness the power of AI, and not only will your output become faster without losing out on quality, but you’ll also have time for creative processes that only a human can do.

The View from High Above – Drone Videos

Humans are obsessed with the possibility of seeing the world from a bird’s eye view, probably because we don’t have wings to see it for ourselves. That’s why drone photography and video production have gained so much traction in the previous years, it can give us something we could never easily have but always wanted. 

Another big reason drone videos are so popular is because they virtually have no downsides. The biggest investment will be the drone and learning how to use it for those epic high-above shots that can be used in any type of video you can think of, be it a wedding recap, a summer holiday best memories video, or anything in between.

Snappy Short-Form Videos

We live in a world where we want everything here and now, where delays and slightly higher webpage loading times can send us into a tizzy. While the fact that the human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish is a myth, the truth is we want content that’s “snackable,” aka easy and quick to consume. Enter the era of short-form videos.

Videos that last up to 60 seconds are considered short-form and can be used for just about anything – brand marketing, explainer inserts, sharing news, giving advice, everything can fit into that one minute or less. While short videos can mean less work for video producers, they’re also challenging because a whole story needs to be condensed into a very short time slot. Some adaptation and improvisation will be necessary in the process, but the popularity of short-form videos can’t be overstated or overlooked and as such, shouldn’t be ignored.


Finding the balance between tradition and innovation is a must to be a successful video producer. This is true of any creative endeavor, but even more so for video creators whose expertise is sought after now more than ever. The bottom line is that you should be bold and experiment with your work, as long as you keep in mind the core production techniques that will serve as a stepping stone into the new video formats you’re yet to explore.