The New Gear Focus: The Ultimate Marketplace For Creators

Posted on: February 10, 2023

The New Gear Focus: The Ultimate Marketplace For Creators

Changing the Game for Creators and Camera Shops in 2023

In the market to buy or sell gear but are tired of paying ridiculous selling fees on sites like eBay? Still feel unease when trading with a stranger on Facebook? In a short period of time, Gear Focus has become the ultimate marketplace for creators. Not only do they guarantee safe and secure transactions of new and used gear, their selling fee of just 5% is the lowest in the industry. In 2022 the platform hit 20,000 independent shops and creators buying and selling each day. From top Youtube stars like Gerald Undone and Make.Art.Now to some of the country’s top camera shops, Gear Focus is quickly becoming a go-to for photographers, producers, directors, and podcasters.

In 2023, the company plans on a radical overhaul of the site based on the thoughts, comments, and wishes of its community. There’s never been a better time to create a FREE Gear Focus account so you can take advantage of these 5 new game-changing features coming soon.

Complete Visual Overhaul 

All facets of the site will get a complete overhaul including more transparency in seller profiles and user reviews. Also included is one of our most requested features, the ability to search filter to only items on sale.


Shipping Labels & Improved Messaging 

Ever wanted to purchase a label right within your seller dashboard? Well, now you can! Alongside a price estimator, the new seller dash allows you to buy shipping labels all in one place. Also getting a major refresh, is the messaging system which will now come with the ability to attach images.


Better Curation and Increased Exposure 

As Gear Focus has scaled, finding the gems has become increasingly harder. Their new platform will open up the floodgates for our staff of experts to handpick the best gear at the best value on the site.  New product pages and category pages will also host better SEO giving your listings more exposure to potential buyers.

Gear Focus App

Perhaps the most long-awaited (and most requested) product! Gear Focus will finally have an app available within app stores. You’ll be able to sell quicker, receive real-time updates through push, and browse our marketplace whenever and wherever you are.


That’s just scratching the surface of what will launch in early Q1. Under the hood, expect to see better site performance, SEO, and mobile optimization giving your listings greater exposure. Be sure to create an account so you’ll be alerted when the new Gear Focus goes live!