The Unlimited Potential of Narrative Storytelling

Posted on: March 21, 2024

The Unlimited Potential of Narrative Storytelling

Tap into narrative storytelling’s untold potential by revitalizing Testimonials, FAQ and Internal Communications.

We’ve previously discussed the creative scope of narrative storytelling – how it can be used to revamp product demos, recruitment and event videos, but its capacity to ground audiences in a message and create clarity extends to any type of corporate video. In this article, we’ll dive into how the medium can transform testimonials, FAQ and internal communications.


77% of people who have watched a brand’s testimonial video say it has played a part in convincing them to buy their product or service (Wyzowl). Appearing more genuine and relatable than written reviews, testimonial videos are an invaluable tool. The key to a successful one, however, often requires a reshuffle of the chronological narrative structure. First impressions matter, and engagement needs to happen fast – so instead of associating your brand with the past, and hence the problem, start strong with your customers’ current situation. After seeing a person’s ease, happiness or success, we become immediately curious about the journey that led them there. With the result in mind and a greater interest in finding out how it happened, your testimonial video will ring true and inspire.

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While taking the time to set up a fully-fledged story is detrimental to audiences who want answers fast, unclear answers which jump to a solution without context are equally confusing . By spending a few seconds displaying the problem along with its desired outcome, you provide a rounded picture that audiences can evaluate and compare with. Not only does the solution become clear, but the process and even the right question to ask does too. For FAQ that require more depth, narrative storytelling can create a detailed understanding in which further questions that may arise are answered with ease too.

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Internal Communications

Employees deserve the same level of quality video content that customers receive. When it comes to announcements, onboarding and training (anything that greatly changes routine), the message should be grounded and provide direction. By utilizing a narrative structure that demonstrates the transition from the current way of things to the new heights you strive to achieve, an internal comms video will not only dispel uncertainty and make change a breeze but motivate everyone towards the end goal as the steps to reach it are clear.

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No matter the aim, we here at Synima are experts in utilizing narrative elements to bring your idea to its full potential.

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