Tommy Chong Unplugged

Posted on: September 6, 2023

Tommy Chong Unplugged

Who Let the Dog In? Sir Chong, Of Course!

In this entertaining CannaMinute outtakes video from “NECTARBALL: The Story of Cannabis,” we get an exclusive peek into the filming process at Tommy Chong’s home in Los Angeles.

The atmosphere is relaxed and filled with laughter as Tommy shares his unique insights and anecdotes about cannabis. However, the unexpected star of the show turn out to be Tommy’s adorable canine companion.

Just as Tommy begins talking about the significance of cannabis throughout history and its cultural impact, his furry friend wants to leap into Tommy’s lap. The producers Patty and Mark can be heard laughing in the background as Tommy tells the pup to sit.

The CannaMinute captures these candid moments that showcase Tommy’s genuine love for his furry friend and his ability to find humor in unexpected situations. The outtakes add a refreshing touch to the documentary, reminding viewers that even while discussing serious topics, laughter and spontaneity are never far away when Tommy Chong is around.

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