Video Production in LA’s Emerging Industries

Posted on: March 14, 2024

Video Production in LA’s Emerging Industries

How video can be utilized within LA’s Emerging Industries to connect with professionals, promote sustainability and increase accessibility.

Home to Silicon Beach and the two largest seaports in North America, Los Angeles holds strong as a collaborative, connective hub and one of the most innovative cities in the world. Diverse and full of creativity, start-ups with visionary ideas continue to change the world for the better, and we want to support them on that mission through robust video strategies. Here’s how the medium can help some of LA’s emerging industries thrive:

Remote Coaching

As the world continues to adopt and reap the benefits of remote work practices, two LA based start-ups, Obsesh and Mentorcam, have extended this trend to coaching. The former, specializing in helping both athletes and sports coaches connect, aims to lessen the financial burden of pursuing a sports career, while the later, a 1:1 mentorship service, intends to inspire people through tailored advice from industry experts and leaders. Video is a foundational part of any remote industry, but it’s how you use it that makes all the difference. Professional techniques that add up to a well-lit, clearly audible and distraction-free video not only gifts people with an experience they want to return to but lifts the barriers of being online and gets right to the heart of the message being delivered.

Sustainable Beauty

Disposing 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year (Plastic Pollution Coalition), the beauty industry is in desperate need of environmental change – thankfully, LA based Dew Mighty have tackled the issue head on. Through their endlessly refillable metal packaging and sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients, the company hopes to reduce our reliance on one-use products and embrace sustainability across the board. Getting people to make that switch to reusable products needn’t be a challenge either. Through video, you can showcase the otherwise unimaginable reality of statistics. Familiarity with new products can also be built with demo videos that showcase how easy the change can be.

Digital Healthcare

Lyfebin and Advekit are two LA start-ups that have recognized the increasing importance of patient-led healthcare and have created software to make the experience even smoother. With Lyfebin providing a platform for patients to share images with their doctors and Advekit guiding people to the right therapist with their detailed online questionnaire, taking charge of our own health has never been easier. But for an online platform to truly reach as many people as possible, mental and physical barriers need to be removed. Lengthy and seemingly daunting walls of text isolate those who don’t have the time, emotional capacity or reading ability to sift through it. Instead, video can help make digital health platforms understandable and stress-free through bite-sized explanations in a format that can be picked up whenever someone is ready. With a clear mind and certainty over how a digital platform works, you take the pressure off and restore that feeling of security.

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