What Is a Production Studio and Why Should You Work With One?

Posted on: October 11, 2023

What Is a Production Studio and Why Should You Work With One?

Elevating Your Creative Projects: The Power of Production Studios

Life in LA is life in the heart of entertainment. Something exciting is always taking shape, stories are coming to life every day and people are constantly pushing creativity in new directions.

At Huffman Creative, we’ve been helping brands, agencies, artists, and storytellers realize their biggest ideas across 200+ projects. With entertainment and media moving so fast, every second counts. Audiences are not only demanding more quality, but even more quantity. An effective, well-rounded team is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. Keeping up with the evolution of the entertainment space is how we’ve come to embrace the studio concept. Here, we’ll talk through “what is a production studio”, why it’s different from a production company, and why you should hire one for your next project.


We realized that calling ourselves a production company was limiting. From the beginning, we provided our clients with a complete and customized experience. This included everything from the concept to the final stages of production. “Production Company” as a title didn’t make sense if we wanted people to truly understand what we could do. We weren’t just a production management service handling crew and vendors. Far from it. Across dozens of our projects, we’ve been in the game from start to finish to secure the best result. Huffman Creative has never been about cramming our capabilities into a box. It was time to make things clear. When we chose to rebrand as a Production Studio, we were saying, yes, we can do X, but we can also do Y and even Z.

We created four pillars of services: Creative Development, Production, Post-Production, and Talent Access/Media Placement. These pillars are seamlessly connected to deliver world-class results.


This is where it all begins. We’ve built an experienced in-house team ready to tackle projects that come in. This way, we can be ahead of the curve and deliver fast solutions. From same-day bids to innovative approaches to creative, we are a well-oiled machine fulfilling a shared vision.

We don’t stop there. Through our experience, we’ve identified our specialty as “concept polishing.” Clients often come to us with many great ideas that only need additional refinement to take them to the next level. This happens alongside a successful blend of their brand ethos, consumer relevance, and target budgets. Whether they need a full creative team or specific expertise, our in-house talent and extensive network can cover whatever workflow.

With our access to talent and influencers, we help clients find the right people for their projects. As a bonus, we guide clients through union contracts, usage fees, and more. Through our relationships with artist teams and managers, our clients get unique access to rosters and pipelines. This makes it easier to tell the best story, amplify reach, and/or achieve promotional goals.

Location is everything. Our vast record of niche and popular production locales helps clients pick their perfect backdrop. Photos, videos, and location reps provide solutions before any formal scouting begins. To take it further, we’re in touch with award-winning art department keys to take any location to its full potential.


Clients want to be confident in any studio’s ability to adapt to their needs. That includes the seamless ability to scale. Whether it be with a nimble documentary team or a 100-person crew, no concept is too big or too small.

We’ve also shot projects in major cities like London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and Mexico City, as well as in smaller markets around the world. We source, permit, and manage diverse locations, and handle all logistics. Whether the shoot is in one location or across many time zones, we can make it happen.

We work with award-winning Production Designers, Art Directors, Set Dressers, and more to turn ordinary stages into stunning visual worlds. To take it further, we offer our clients full-service production fabrication for props, merch, and more. No matter if it’s an 8-foot-tall perfume bottle or something entirely new, our fabrication team can turn any creative element into a reality.

The Production Pillar would be incomplete without live event capture. We’re able to supply major festivals and events with multicamera footage and live streaming with quick turnarounds for photo and video content.

And now, with virtual production and XR technology, storytelling enters a new era. Say goodbye to green screens and costly post-production workflows. At Huffman Creative, we can lead our clients throughout the entire XR studio process. Vast and immersive virtual environments come alive on panoramic LED screens and go straight to the camera, saving time and resources on the post-production backend. From blizzards on Mt. Everest to exploring fantasy realms, the possibilities are endless.


When the post-production and production workflows complement each other, production studios not only streamline the creative process but also create significant cost savings for clients. This is especially true when both stages take place under one roof. Two valuable advantages of this are the elimination of communication gaps and the need to chase down multiple teams for the final result.

We can take the vision from pre-production into the shoot, and optimize every shot and scene with post-production in mind. Through careful planning, all footage captured can align perfectly with the vision of the final product. When shots are framed and executed in this way, there are fewer revisions, less time spent in post, and ultimately more money saved for our clients.

Additionally, Huffman Creative’s in-house post-production services cover editing, color, visual effects, sound design, retouching, and more so that projects can receive the finishing touch they deserve.


Production studios with media placement and talent access capabilities can bridge valuable connections between clients and a diverse array of talented individuals. This includes artists, athletes, celebrities, and creators. Huffman Creative extends its partnerships across multiple industries and interests, like music, finance, interactive entertainment, travel, fashion, food, and more.

Collaborations like these are important to boost reach, jumpstart campaigns, and drive audience engagement. Huffman Creative is proud to offer its clients unique opportunities to collaborate with talent that may have previously seemed unreachable. For us, it’s all about fostering a meaningful connection!


You need to be able to keep up in the fast-paced entertainment landscape and no one can help you better than a full-service production studio. Whether it be through Huffman Creative or another creative partner, here’s why:

1. Unmatched Expertise
Production Studios bring together a diverse team of experts all in one place. From start to finish, our clients enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience. This lets them focus on what’s important in their projects knowing they’re in capable hands.

2. Efficiency and Speed
Like we said — every second counts in entertainment and filmmaking. With an in-house team and streamlined processes, production studios like Huffman Creative offer quick turnarounds and solutions, minimizing delays and keeping the project on schedule.

3. Access to Talent
Our direct relationships with artists and talent managers provide unique opportunities to collaborate with influencers and celebrities, expanding your project’s reach and impact.

4. End-to-end services and Adaptability
Production Studios can handle all aspects of your project or adapt to fit specific needs. From development to delivery, you save time, resources, and the headache of juggling many vendors.

5. Scalability
Production Studios like ours are used to working with variations and unique combinations of styles, genres, and approaches. We’re able to build crews and devise layouts so clients get the production value they need, whatever the size. From interviews and documentaries to international feature films, we have you covered.

6. Cutting-Edge Technology
When choosing a studio to work with, pick one that leverages the latest innovations in production technology. Whereas production companies are able to support the production of your projects through tried-and-true methods, a full-service production studio can offer a dynamic end-to-end experience. This is the best choice to enhance your project with stunning visuals and immersive experiences.

7. Network and Connections
Entertainment thrives on connections. Studios like Huffman Creative maintain close relationships with people across the industry. This opens doors to collaborations, partnerships, and placements to elevate your project.

When content is king, a production studio isn’t an asset — it’s a strategic advantage. Only at full potential can your project stand out against the noise.

Whether you’re a brand about to launch a product, an artist with a vision, or a storyteller ready to captivate audiences, consider what a production studio like Huffman Creative can do. We’re here for you and your idea. Let’s make something amazing!

Cover Photo: Sub Urban – “PATCHWERK” BTS Photography by Lorenzo Belassen