Corporate Video Pricing


Corporate Video Pricing

Multiple factors affect how much your corporate video will cost to make. The typical cost for a corporate video project is $5,000-$25,000. We understand that this is a large price range – that’s why we ask several questions regarding your video project to learn about each client’s specific needs. Below are some starting questions our production company uses to dial in on an accurate quote for your company’s corporate video. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about any factors – we are here to help you through every step of the video production process.

Corporate Video: Video Pre-Production Pricing – Planning Your Video

– What type of video are we producing? Is this an information video aimed at business partners, or a commercial video aimed at your ideal client? Different types of video will have a different cost and budget.

– Are we, the production company, coming up with creative ideas and/or script for the video? Are storyboards (sets of drawings representing the sequence of camera shots) needed to guide video production? If you’d like to create these on your own, you can leave them out of your video production budget.

– Is there onscreen talent in the videos, such as a member of management or a professional actor? if so, are they talking on camera and who is casting them? If not, are we hiring a professional to do a voiceover? Make sure to arrange actors and voiceover artists far in advance to avoid a time crunch before video production.

– Where are we shooting and at how many locations? Do we need a crew member to scout out video-friendly locations? If so, make sure to include this extra cost and give them plenty of time to find the optimal location.

– Do we need to get permits for any aspects of our video production? Again, do this as far in advance of video production as possible. Allow time for processing of your permit request.

– Do we need to budget for any props in our video? Typically, simple video props can be sourced for free, but specialty props may be an additional cost to budget for. This can vary widely depending on what content is to be included in your video.

– Are we producing one corporate video or a campaign of several videos? Make sure to communicate this with the production company so that we can allow enough video production time.

– How long will the video be? A corporate video can be just a few minutes to an hour to over an hour. Budget accordingly – while we may be able to shoot a ten minute video in one day, an hour-long video may increase video production costs by requiring additional shoot days.

Corporate Video: Video Production Cost

– What production crew is needed? How many hours are they needed? Some video productions may only need a few crew members, while other videos require additional help. Make sure to speak with the production company about what crew you will need and their cost. Also, crew rates will constitute more of your budget for longer videos due to more shoot time.

– What gear is needed for filming? We can help you choose the best video production gear for your corporate video – including cameras, sound equipment, lighting, and any other camera or sound gear needed. We can determine a gear cost based off of the video production needs you communicate to us.

– How much do we need to budget for travel, lodging, and food/refreshments? This may not be an obvious part of a corporate video cost, but it is just as important as any other production cost.

– Are we using a drone to get any footage for our video? If lots of drone footage is involved, consider budgeting for a professional aerial videographer in addition to other video costs.

– Do we need a hair & makeup or wardrobe stylist to work with us on set for this video production? This may be a worthy cost for your video to make sure anyone on camera, whether they be actors or members of your management team, looks their best.

Corporate Video: Video Post-Production – Costs of Editing Your Video Project

– What is the length of the final video or videos? This question affects your editing cost just as much as your video production cost.

– Can you provide us with examples of similar videos that you like? We can make a video in a similar style to a sample video provided by you. Otherwise, communicate with us before and during the video production process so we can determine the best editing decisions for your video production.

Special Video Additions – Cost of Motion Graphics, Video Distribution and More

Consider the final presentation of your video. Are there any motion graphics or other effects we need to add to the finished video? Remember, motion graphics and animation may be best done by a separate professional. Factor this cost into your video production budget if you’d like a professional to do this for your video.

In addition to production costs, consider what video distribution method you’d like to use. While there are free platforms like YouTube available, consider the pricing of other alternatives if they better suit your needs. After investing in good video production, it only makes sense to make sure your video is distributed properly!

If there are any other special additions to your video that you’d like pricing information for, contact Blare Media production company to learn how to make your video idea into reality!

Takeaways – Determining Corporate Video Cost

While the cost of corporate video production typically stays within the $5,000-$25,000 price range, pricing varies because clients have different needs for their videos. Consider the cost of pre-production, production, and post-production when creating your video production budget. Typical costs include planning your corporate video, filming the video, and editing in any effects.

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Still Have Questions About Corporate Video Project Price?

If you’re still unsure about pricing for corporate video production, please contact us and we will answer any questions. Our team will work to determine the necessary budget to produce a great corporate video for your company.