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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

Top Akron, OH Video Production Companies and Professionals

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Anthony Miano

Video Production

Primary Roles

Male Voice Talent
"I have worked with Anthony on numerous projects and he always has delivered exactly what was needed to complete the project on time. Anthony is easy to work with and always willing to go with the extra mile to ensure success of the project." - Nudous Publishing
"I have narrated 42 audiobooks for Audible. Here’s a testimonial from a previous client: I highly recommend and have used Anthony Miano as a voice actor/narrator for my book on Audible. His highly professional yet reflective style allows him to bring the right balance of seriousness and depth to the material. His voice is authoritative and engaging, giving the listener a compelling and informative experience. In addition to his voice, Anthony Miano’s ability to craft engaging and compelling narratives is top-notch. He has a knack for punctuating the important points of the material while also connecting the dots of the larger picture. He is able to capture the nuances of the language in a way that keeps the listener engaged and interested. The combination of Anthony Miano’s authoritative yet reflective tone, coupled with his ability to craft engaging and effective narrative, makes him an ideal choice for a voice narrator for a nonfiction book about the business sector. He will surely give your project the professional, stylish, and reflective tone it needs to succeed. Jeffrey Harvey, Professional Engineer"
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mood9 Productions

Video Production

Primary Roles

Post ProductionPre ProductionProduction Company
"mood9 is A NEW KIND OF PRODUCTION COMPANY that creates story-focused creative content designed to leave an impact. we recognize the importance of storytelling in today’s world & how much of an impact it can make. it’s especially important to focus on deep, meaningful, human-made art in today’s AI-dominated landscape. we believe that the best content is the stuff that can touch hearts and truly resonate. mood9 is here to save the world. we’re bohemians at heart, starting a revolution of indie media with depth and a willingness to try new things."
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Red Point Digital

Video Production

Primary Roles

Motion Graphics ArtistVideo EditorAnimator
"Red Point Digital offers 3D and 2D animation, visual effects, as well as full service video production. We’re based in Akron, OH but work with clients across the country."

Stellar Videos

Video Production

Primary Roles

"Stellar Videos is an Animated Marketing Video Production company based in the United States. We provide eye-catching motion videos for a wide range of companies. We design your business animation promotion video with high-quality graphics and well-defined video content. For more information about explainer video agency visit our website."
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Milena Har

Video Production

Primary Roles

"I am an experienced web content and report writer at LinkyJuice. I have a passion for creating engaging and informative articles. I mainly specialize in SEO-optimized content and IT-related articles. With a background in marketing, I always write copy that leaves a lasting impact on readers."
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