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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

Top Culver City, CA Video Production Companies and Professionals

List of Peer to Peer Referrals of the Top Culver City, CA Video Production Companies and Professionals

Yoshio Kohashi

Video Production

Primary Roles

Video Editor
"Hello there! I’m a skilled film editor based in LA, with over 14 years of experience and proficiency in both Japanese and English languages. I have edited films of various genres and possess exceptional editing skills, including speed and good instincts when it comes to knowing where to cut. Moreover, I have a keen sense of visual timing and can work on animatics and animation editing with ease. I am confident in my ability to uncover or tell a story from raw footage without much supervision or guidance. As evidence of my proficiency, my name is listed under the Animation Editor category on the Industry Experience Roster Local #700, although I am not a union member at this time. If you require any additional information, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards,"
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Natasha Ellis

Video Production

Primary Roles

Production Assistant
"I have about 5 years of experience being exposed to production sets. I went to broadcast journalism school and during that process i started interning on some sets as a student back in my hometown of Michigan. I interned for web tv shows for about two years while in school. I completed a job training program in los angeles for a production assistant called PA bootcamp. Im eager to work my way up and learn the holistic process of a production and how to run a production."
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Video Production

Primary Roles

Camera OperatorCamera RentalEquipment Rental
"In business for 28 years and going! Full service rental house, including camera and lenses, grip and electric, production supplies, and more. In-house lens technicians, and the best commercial studio in Arizona."

Reid Collins

Video Production

Primary Roles

Camera OperatorProduction Assistant
"I recently moved to Culver City as a cinematographer/photographer. I graduated from college with a  degree in cinematography. I love filmmaking and photography and have been exploring both of these fields over the past several years. I was a photo contest winner in Canon’s Project Imagination contest in 2013 and I was also a film contest finalist as well. I attended the film festival premiere in NYC along with Ron Howard and Eva Longoria, who selected my photo for her short film. I interned at Grey Group advertising in NYC in the summer 0f 2014 in the production department where I learned all about what kind of collaboration went into making their ads. I am an extremely hard worker and I would love the chance to work on a project in any way possible. Thank you, Reid Collins"
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