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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

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DirectorPhotographerDirector of Photography
"24 Years experience as Director of Photography. 10 years as Director. Feature Length Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Episodic Television, Branded Content. Handheld Camera/Docu style and Cinema Verite style, as well as detailed and manicured product photography and Beauty/Fashion. Storytelling and Design through Camera movement and specialty lighting, proficient with all modern equipment (All Camera Platforms, Steadicam, Ronin, Technocrane , and everything in between.) Originally trained as a theater actor, I have a unique understanding and communication with actors on set. Lots of European and Asian Production experience, I learn languages quickly as well as local customs and protocols. My International Productions include: Istanbul, Prague, Seoul/Pusan, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Jamaica, Bahamas, Martinique, Mexico."
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Axel Johannsson

Video Production

Primary Roles

"Hello. I have 20 plus years experience in Grip and Electric, I work fast. I have more experience as a Gaffer. I can work alone, as part of a team or leading it. I can travel. I own a 1/4 ton Grip and electric package that I transport in my SUV. HMI: 1 – 1200 Par W/ Electronic Ballast (Power Gem) and Lenses. Fluorescent: 1 –  4′ Double kino w / 29K, 32K and 56k 1 –  4′ 4 Bank Kino w / 29K, 32K and 56k 1 – 36″ octo 4 – light w/ 32k or 55k CFLs LED: 1 – Litegear S2 Litemat 2L Kit 1 – Lite panels – daylight flood kit. 1 – Aputure Battery powered Bi-color LED Brick Kit 1 – 24″ 32k roscoe LED strip. 1 – Astra Soft 1×1 Bi-color. Tungsten: 1 – 3 Head Arri Kit (2×650/1×300) W/2 XS Video Pro Chimera 1 – 1 Light 250w Lowell Pro light kit 1 – Source Four Jr, Zoom (25-50) 575w (w/spud & clamp) 1 – M size gobo holder w/ Louver and Cloud#10 gobos 1 – 21″ China ball system (Globes required – Please Specify) 4 – 17” China ball system (Globes required…"
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