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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

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Primary Roles

Production Accountant
"Production and Corporate Accounting for Nonfiction, Reality and Documentary Producers on a Done-For-You, Done-With-You or DIY basis (with our unique online course)."

Primary Roles

Male ActorWriterProduction Accountant
"I am a trained actor of 15 years with just a many years of improv experience, I have been lucky enough to work on over 20 commercials for company’s such as Amazon, Apple, Acura, Subway and Sketchers to name a few. I have also had the pleasure to work on a number of movies both as leads and supporting roles. I thrive on the challenge and love to dig into a character."
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Primary Roles

Production AssistantProducer
"Tom was great to work with and he took a ton of care and intention toward making a great production. He’s a talented writer and producer!" - justin
"Help prepare the set with lights, props, equipment etc. Assist costume designers, directors, camera people and other crew members Print and distribute daily paperwork (e.g. scripts, call sheets) Escort actors and talent around the filming area and coordinate extras Conduct crowd control by putting up signs, directing pedestrians away from filming, lock down sets etc. Act as a runner distributing messages or items within film crew and cast Perform administrative work (answering phones, paperwork etc.) Undertake errands as assigned"
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Max Pava

Video Production

Primary Roles

Field ProducerMale ActorProducer
"Hey! My name is Max Pava and I am a Creative Producer. I love good ideas, humans, and spreadsheets. For the past 10 years I have been producing branded and narrative films, live events as well as digital and social media content. My goals are pretty simple; make cool stuff and bring people together. On the client side I have had the pleasure of working with Nike, Adobe Creative Cloud, Snapchat, Facebook, AMC Television and more! I studied Acting at NYU and while I still perform from time to time (I can be seen in “Brittany Runs A Marathon”, “Orange is the New Black”, and “Law & Order: SVU”), I started producing towards the end of college and quickly realized my organizational skills and love for people made it a great fit. I don’t operate or edit, but I am familiar with all of the equipment and terminology needed to communicate with those departments effectively. I have a wide network of crew members, talent and post-production teams on both coasts and I am always happy to give a referral! I am a proficient budgeter, scheduler, hirer, organizer, and communicator and I love to use these skills to help bring a…"
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Primary Roles

Director of Photography
"Hi. 10 years as a cinematographer and 10 years before that working as a camera assistant to top cinematographers in both the commercial and narrative world. Very experienced with all aspects of the job, from collaborating with directors and creatives, to working with producers to ensure the best results within the economic parameters. Very flexible as far as budgets and platforms apply. I work mainly in the commercial / branded content world, but have a passion for documentary work and narrative story telling, both long form and short. Familiar with all current (and past!) camera platforms with a deep understanding of both the technical and creative parameters of each system. I’m knowledgeable on the large variety of lenses and experienced with all camera remote systems and gimbal devices. I have experience and knowledge of the many lighting options available to us nowadays, from LEDS to HMIs. I enjoy the creative collaboration and love exploring new ways to tell a story through lighting and lensing. Please check out my website and don’t hesitate to reach out."
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Primary Roles

DirectorAssistant DirectorProducer
"Babu went to SIES College, Bombay, India and began his career as an Assistant Director in Bollywood. he subsequently advanced his studies in film at Tisch and NYU in New York City and continued working as an Assistant Director for the late Italian Director Sergio Corbucci on spaghetti westerns. Over the span of the next 3 decades, Babu has worked as a First Assistant Director on multiple high profile TV shows such as The Paper Chase, Hill Street Blues, Star Trek-TNG, ER and Code Black and movies such as The Untamed Heart, Home of Our Own, Dennis Hopper’s Chasers, The Cemetary Club, Money For Nothing among others. Babu has directed multiple episodes of “ER” along with episodes of “One Tree Hill,”, “THE Division,” “Thirdwatch,” “ED” and “Strong Medicine.” His recent work has entailed conducting workshops for Line Producers and First ADs working for Netflix and Amazon in India and he is presently in development on projects entitled “BHOPAL” an 8-part limited series and Smuggling For Gandhi, an indie feature which he is scheduled to direct in 2021. He has received five DGA nominations and won three for his work on “ER.” He is repped by Ben Reder at Reder &…"
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Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorProducerArt Director
"We are Zajno —a video production — we shoot both overseas and in the US. We feature short films, commercials, music videos, you name it. We can create videos in a short time and with an acceptable budget."

Primary Roles

Male Voice TalentMale Actor
"I am a new actor in Hollywood interested in commercial, film, music videos, voice over and theatrical productions. I am very interested in the upcoming project with your organization, My work dedication is something that I take full pride in. I productively and efficiently plan my priorities and take Direction very well. Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Omar Bouso, (224)875-1511 Los Angeles"