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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

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Eric Galler

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorField ProducerProducer
"Eric is an award-winning creative power producer-director with a demonstrated accomplished history of crafting compelling stories, spearheading creative teams, and quarterbacking operational management. He’s a transformational leader and champions collaboration to disrupt creative barriers, achieve business objectives, and elevate organizational performance. He takes innovative risks to visually unlock fresh creative solutions. Galler is able to anticipate needs and priorities while building momentum to get things done. He acts decisively to implement profitable outcomes. Eric is ethical and honest in all dealings. CORE COMPETENCIES: ▣ Multi-tiered Production, Direction, Leadership ▣ Vision and Strategic Creative Thinking ▣ Story, Script, Editorial, and Concept Development ▣ Entrepreneurship ▣ Integrity and Accountability ▣ Talent/Culture/Inclusive Architecture ▣ Budget/Resource Optimization ▣ Relationship Management / Collaboration ▣ Learning Agility ▣ Coaching, and Execution INDUSTRY FOOTPRINT: The genres and productions in which he has experience include scripted and non-scripted, drama, action, sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, documentary, reality, full feature motion pictures, television entertainment, promotional, exploration, adventure, archaeology, natural history, wild animal, oceanography, aviation technology, astro science, crime, war, comedy, meteorology, quantum theory, educational, travel, geology, game competition, sports, craft, build, renovation, kids, food, lifestyle, fitness, brand, corporate, commercial, social media, experimentation, and investigation. Portfolio of networks, media, and clients include;…"
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Primary Roles

Art Director
"Art Director, Set Design and or Photo/Food Stylist. I have a unique rich design background telling visual stories for Theater and Television along with presently Digital Video Marketing. My clear understanding in analyzing deep characters emotions weaves perfectly for reinforcing a client’s brand asthetic. I am one who pays attention to all the details so your project runs smoothly and looks fabulous. Excellent a design solutions with a clear understanding to complete diverse and complex projects while staying on budget. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Best, Susan Genito"
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Primary Roles

Director of Photography
"Hi. 10 years as a cinematographer and 10 years before that working as a camera assistant to top cinematographers in both the commercial and narrative world. Very experienced with all aspects of the job, from collaborating with directors and creatives, to working with producers to ensure the best results within the economic parameters. Very flexible as far as budgets and platforms apply. I work mainly in the commercial / branded content world, but have a passion for documentary work and narrative story telling, both long form and short. Familiar with all current (and past!) camera platforms with a deep understanding of both the technical and creative parameters of each system. I’m knowledgeable on the large variety of lenses and experienced with all camera remote systems and gimbal devices. I have experience and knowledge of the many lighting options available to us nowadays, from LEDS to HMIs. I enjoy the creative collaboration and love exploring new ways to tell a story through lighting and lensing. Please check out my website and don’t hesitate to reach out."
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Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorProducerArt Director
"We are Zajno —a video production — we shoot both overseas and in the US. We feature short films, commercials, music videos, you name it. We can create videos in a short time and with an acceptable budget."

Primary Roles

Male Voice TalentMale Actor
"I am a new actor in Hollywood interested in commercial, film, music videos, voice over and theatrical productions. I am very interested in the upcoming project with your organization, My work dedication is something that I take full pride in. I productively and efficiently plan my priorities and take Direction very well. Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Omar Bouso, (224)875-1511 Los Angeles"

Primary Roles

LightingGrip GearStudio Space
"Heywhatsyourtface has been serving the LA film community since 2008 as a Grip & Lighting rental house, now with a fully equipped stage in Van Nuys. Hey… is a “does-all” service when it comes to film/TV production. We will work with you and your team to churn out quality deliverables. Hey…has truck packages for location work. Also, you can rent our 10,000 sq ft stage using your own crew and equipment, or we can provide gear and professional crews for private and commercial jobs. Hey… can get it done in several ways: ·       Building and pre-lighting sets. ·       Provide equipment, materials and crew as needed, and/or specialty gear in a rush. ·       We offer 1/2 ton to 5 ton truck packages ready for travel to any location. ·       We carry all expendables and more, including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)."
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