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Mesa video productions and marketing services. We specialize in creating video content that captivates audiences and delivers powerful messages for our clients. Our team of experienced video professionals can help you create stunning video projects for a variety of purposes, from promotional videos to documentary-style pieces. Get an idea of possible costs for your video by checking out our pricing guide! You’ll find detailed information to help you budget.

We have the skills and videography expertise to ensure that your video production project is a success. Shoots Video is a full-service production company that is passionate about creating high-impact videos. Our team can take your project from start to finish, ensuring your message reaches your audience. Our decades of experience have allowed us to build up an extensive network of trusted professionals in local markets as well across the US. Whether you want us to take care of everything or you just need a hand finding the right people to make it happen, Shoots Video is there for you.

Bottom line: we want to help you with your vision in any way we can!

Mesa Production Services – Our production company is dedicated to developing powerful content that engages viewers and covers all aspects of video creation, from concept development to post-production with our state-of-the-art editing equipment. We specialize in storyboarding, filming, live streaming, video editing, sound design, voice-over recordings, and animation. With our team of production industry professionals, you can trust that your videos will be of the highest quality. We strive to make sure your video reaches its full potential and communicates its message effectively. Let us help you create powerful video content with long-term impact. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services!

Video Production Agency

Production Company: Arizona Video and Marketing

Mesa, Arizona Video Production and Media Marketing Studio – At Shoots Video we are a video marketing strategy company, we provide end-to-end video marketing services to help your business create impactful video content that generates amazing results. We understand how video marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses, which is why we offer comprehensive video solutions tailored to each of our clients’ needs.

Our team of experienced video marketing professionals in Mesa will work with you to develop video marketing strategies that effectively capture your audience. From pre-production planning and production assistance, to post-production editing and video distribution services, we’re here to help you bring your video ideas to life.

We stay up-to-date on the latest video trends and technologies in order to provide our clients with the most innovative video marketing solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and experience allows us to create video content that will reach the right people and generate maximum engagement.

At Shoots Video marketing company, we’re committed to helping your business succeed through video. Get in touch today to learn more about our video marketing services!

Corporate Video

Corporate videos are a great way to reach your target audience and promote your business. They can be used for advertising campaigns, product launches, company updates, and more. With the right production services, corporate videos can be powerful tools for connecting with customers and driving engagement. Whether you’re looking to create a single video or an entire suite of videos, working with our production company is the way to go. Our marketing video production team will work with you every step of the way, from pre-production planning to post-production video editing, ensuring that your videos are engaging and effective. With corporate videos, you can bring your brand’s message to life in an impactful way. Reach out to our video production company today to get started on your corporate videos. You won’t regret it!

Social Media Video

Social media video marketing is an effective tool for connecting with your audience. With the rising popularity of social networks, it has become easier than ever to reach a wide variety of potential customers and grow your business. Videos on social media can be used as a way to showcase your brand, create awareness about important issues, or simply entertain viewers. Videos also have the potential to go viral, resulting in increased brand recognition and engagement. To take advantage of this marketing opportunity, our team creates compelling videos that are optimized for each social media platform. Include relevant keywords, captivating visuals, quirky humor or interesting facts to make your videos stand out from the competition. By doing so, you’ll be able to reach a much wider audience and make an impact on social media.

In addition to creating marketing videos, you can also use social media videos for customer service. Use videos to answer customer questions or address customer feedback in real-time. This is a great way to show your customers that their opinions matter and build trust with them. You can also leverage videos to create a stronger sense of community and connection with your customers.

Overall, social media video marketing is an effective tool for growing your business. With the right strategy, you can reach a larger audience, increase brand awareness, and engage with your customers in meaningful ways. So if you’re looking to make an impact on social media, give us or one of our partner production companies a call to get started!

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At Shoots Video, we offer comprehensive video production services to help you bring your vision to life. Our team of expert video professionals understands the complexities of video production and will guide you through the entire process from pre-production planning to post-production editing. As a full service video production company, we specialize in corporate video production that can be used for a variety of purposes, including internal video communications, recruiting video production and training video production. Our video services include scriptwriting, video recording, camera crews, editing, motion graphics and animation to create high-quality video content that is tailored to your needs. With our experienced video production team at your side, you can be sure that the final product will exceed your expectations. Let us help you create video content that will engage your audience and make a lasting impression.

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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

Top Mesa, AZ Video Production Companies and Professionals

List of Peer to Peer Referrals of the Top Mesa, AZ Video Production Companies and Professionals

Maximillian Vokoun

Video Production

Primary Roles

Technical DirectorSwitcher OperatorStreaming Technician
"Video Production – I have 3+ years experience in setting up and directing multi-camera broadcasts along with producing in-studio news shows. I have experience with the Newtek Tricaster and BlackMagic ATEM Mini Pro switchers along with vast knowledge of the Newtek NDI Voip protocol. Additionally, I also have knowledge with other video encoders such as vMix and OBS. Because of my time in the field, I have the ability to quickly troubleshoot many issues that may arise to ensure an error-free production. Also, I make sure I provide good communication and teamwork skills to any production I am a part of along with strive to make every production the best it can be."
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Ben Sayer

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorCamera OperatorVideo Editor
"I am skilled in writing, producing, and directing short films, as well as camera operation, cinematography, and acting. My experience in these things mainly come from two years of studying at East Valley Institute of Technology and from producing my own short films. I also play guitar and sing fairly well and am proficient in hunting scorpions."
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Viridiana Cortres

Video Production

Primary Roles

Production AssistantMotion Graphics ArtistVideo Editor
"I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2019 with a Bachelor in Digital Film Production and a Minor in Graphic Design Animation. I mainly work as a Production Assistant and usually help the art department with props and continuity. I have four years of experience with Adobe Creative Suite and am proficient with Audition, Premier Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I edit videos and animate motion graphics for interviews and commercials. I have a good attitude, am willing to learn, and want to deliver."
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Film Often

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorCamera OperatorProducer
"Most of my time on set is spent producing or directing, but I got my start as a camera operator and I still love doing that whenever I can. I have a pretty solid system set up where I make money as a producer and them hemorrhage it directing short films. I can’t imagine this system not paying off. I have gotten to work with a bunch of radical people over the years, and they have taught me how to function in this industry. I was going to list some examples, but there is no way for me to do so without being a giant douche. Did we make it to 120 characters yet? Maybe if I spell out one hundred and twenty instead of expressing it numerically?"
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Perlow Productions

Video Production

Primary Roles

Motion Graphics ArtistProducerDirector of Photography
"Perlow Productions is a Corporate Video Production, Animation & Event Live-streaming company with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Marlton, New Jersey. We produce high-level video content for clients across a wide array of industries including healthcare/pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing, higher education and hospitality. View our full creative portfolio at Contact Perlow Productions’ President Mike Perlow directly at [email protected] or (856) 669-1669. Hear from our clients through their client video testimonials Client Testimonials"
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Glam By Haley

Video Production

Primary Roles

Production AssistantMakeup ArtistWardrobe Stylist
"Licensed Cosmetologist and Freelance Makeup Artist and Hairstylist. Also trained Wardrobe Stylist. An extremely hard worker, fast on my feet and prepared for anything that could be potentially thrown at me. Experienced on set, with set etiquette and working with celebrities."
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e.g. inc.

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorCamera OperatorOnsite Editor
"I specialize in commercial communications and am able to handle all phases of production and post production, from developing a script and shooting through the final edit and outputs. I have years of experience as a producer, director, DP and editor as well as After Effects animation experience. I began in this business in 1997 in Chicago working with major ad agencies like Leo Burnett, JWT and and corporations like McDonald’s, Rust-O-Leum and Delta Airlines. I now reside in Arizona and have become an expert at small business communications, training videos, editing for TV broadcast and more."
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Phoenix Film Studios

Video Production

Primary Roles

Studio Space
"* 13,000 sq ft indoor/outdoor space available for your next project. * Climate and sound controlled stage with dressing/makeup room and meeting room. * Private outside garden area. Located in the Historic Art District of downtown Mesa, AZ"

Fenixphonic Audio

Video Production

Primary Roles

"Justin has captured exceptional on location sound for music and film since 2012. In 2016, he transitioned into a professional freelance audio engineer starting his own company, Fenixphonic Audio. To view and interactive resume of the projects I have completed, check out my linked in page listed under website. For rates, contact him at [email protected] or [email protected]. Services Provided: -Boom Operation -Sound Recording/Mixing -Voice Overs -Foley/Sound FX -Live/Studio Music Recording Gear List: (1) Zoom F8 eight track mixer/recorder (1) Zoom h4n two track handheld recorder (1) Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun microphone (1) 7′ K-tek Boom Pole (1) Rode Blimp w/shock mount and windscreen (1) Sennheiser ew100 G3 wireless lav mic system w/ME2 mic capsule (1) Sennheiser ew100 G2 wireless lav mic system w/ME2 mic capsule Plus three 16 channel mixers, assorted handheld/studio microphones, snakes, cables and other accessories."
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