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"It's always a pleasure working with BLARE Media. If you want the job done right at an affordable price I highly recommend them!" - Jared Lundy"BLARE Media is an exceptionally talented company of filmmakers/content creators who consistently make the most out of any situation they're given." - Cody Fletcher"A collaborative team, BLARE Media organized a successful project that resulted in excellent footage." - Sascha Haas"I cannot express properly in words my delight in working with BLARE Media. Everyone that works there is beyond amazing! - Scott Cummings

New York Video Production Company

Full-Service Production:  At BLARE Media, we understand the power of video. Video has the ability to capture an audience and communicate a message in a way that other mediums simply cannot match. That’s why we’re passionate about helping our clients create videos that achieve their desired results.

Our video production services range from corporate videos, video marketing campaigns, video tutorials, product videos, and much more. With our creative experience and technical knowledge, we’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure your video project is tailored to achieve its desired objectives. We bring creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm to video production – delivering stunning visuals that will captivate your audience. Whether you are a corporation or an individual looking for video production services, we will help you bring your ideas to life. Our experienced video production team is ready to take on any challenge – no matter the size or scale. From concept to completion, BLARE Media provides everything video-related that your project requires! Contact us today and let us help you create video content that will speak directly to your customers.

New York City Video Services

New York is a great place for video production. There are plenty of locations to choose from, and the city has a rich history that can be explored through its many different neighborhoods. Plus, New York is home to some of the best production studios in the world. Some of the most iconic films ever made have been set in New York, including classics like “Taxi Driver” and “The Godfather.” More recent hits like “Birdman” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” have also been filmed in the city. New York is a versatile place to shoot a movie, and its many different neighborhoods can provide the perfect setting for any type of story.

No matter what kind of video you’re looking to create, New York is the perfect place to do it. With its rich history and diverse locations, the city has something to offer everyone. So if you’re looking to get a video produced, there’s no better place to do it than in New York.

Whether you’re looking to promote your business, raise awareness for a cause, or simply entertain your viewers, we can help you create a video that does just that. We offer a wide variety of video production services, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to shooting and video editing. And we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is brought to life exactly as you imagined it.

If you’re ready to take your video production to the next level, contact us today. We can’t wait to help you create something truly special.

Video Production Agency

NYC Video Production

New York Video Production – Our video production company in NYC has the expertise and experience to guide you through your video production journey. Our team specializes in creating marketing video content that captures audiences, promotes brands, and drives conversions. We use state-of-the-art video equipment, software, and editing tools to create branded video content that speaks to your target audience. From concept to completion, our video production agency will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your video project is a success. We are passionate and dedicated to delivering the highest quality video content for our clients. Let us help you bring your company’s story to life with professional, engaging videos produced in a studio, office, or other location. Shoot your feature film, television series, commercial, marketing video, or documentary with us. Finding creative talent and stellar production crew is easy when you work with BLARE Media. We’ll bring your vision to life at an affordable price, exclusively with the best gear in the business. Let’s get started on your video production project today!

Video Production: Commercial and Corporate Videos

Commercial Production Company – At Blare Media, we understand how important marketing videos can be for any business. Our commercial video production team of talented video content creators specializes in creating well-branded commercial videos that are professional, exciting, and effective. We strive to create videos that truly capture the essence of your business and project a positive image to your target audience. Our creatively branded videos are designed to engage viewers, deliver clear messages and motivate them to take action. With Blare Media, you can be sure that all your marketing videos will make a lasting impression on potential customers or clients. We have the experience and know-how to craft video content that gets results! Contact us today to discover how your next video production campaign can help your business succeed.

Corporate video production services – In short, it’s just how it sounds: corporate video production is a video produced for a corporation, and producing corporate videos is what we at BLARE Media do every day. In long, it’s the creation of interesting corporate video content to help any company with their marketing, and communication, or can be an in-house corporate training video. Video can be one of the best tools, not just when selling a product but when you want to, say, introduce someone at a conference, announce to your employees that there’s a change to their benefits, or even catalog the success you’ve received over the years.

Video Production Portfolio

We take great pride in the videos we create for our clients in New York and focus on results that drive traffic to your business. Our video production profile page showcases some of our commercial, film production, and creative videos, as well as reviews from clients who have worked with us before. By taking the time to view our portfolio, you can get an idea of what kind of videos we specialize in making and the quality of work that we put into each and every project we work on. You can also read reviews from clients who have already worked with us to get a better idea of what it’s like working with our team. We strive to create videos that exceed the expectations of our clients, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss our video services for an upcoming project. We look forward to hearing from you!



Shoots Video

Corporate Video Pricing

Who We Are

Shoots Video is a full service production company ready to help with your next production in NY! Our production experience includes corporate production, commercial production, training content production, web content production, testimonial production, and more. Shoots Video production company will work with you and your company to create amazing new video content.

We can also help you create a digital marketing plan full of creative content production ideas. We’re not just a video production company – we’re here to help you get the most out of your videos through marketing!

At Shoots Video production company, we value our clients’ satisfaction. That’s why we work to ensure that each production is exactly what each client wants. We believe a good video production company is one that puts clients first. A production always turns out the best when the client’s needs are prioritized – that’s why we’ll clearly communicate with you about every aspect of your production!

Check out our video production company’s new blog for new content about production and work in the film/video industry! We work to bring you a variety of articles covering the entire production process – ranging from scriptwriting to production tips to editing your new video.

Contact Shoots Video production company today to get started on production of your new video content! You are the most important part of the production. We will work with you to create your perfect production that gets the results you want!

New York City Video Production

Shoots Video production company creates amazing productions across the United States, but we’ve got a heart for NYC. Our NY productions are handled by our amazing local production team, which you can view in our new production resource database. We’re ready to help with your next production in any part of NY – north to south, east to west. Find us shooting creative productions in Central Park, or capturing stunning content near Niagara falls.

Our NYC video production team can help you with production of all types of new video for your brand. Corporate production, commercial production, film production, livestream production… you name it, our production team will be happy to talk to you about helping out!

Production in NY is special to us. We are happy to help you capture the unique culture and scenery of NY in your production. When creating new content in NY, we use top creative production techniques to make sure your production stands out from the crowd.

We are proud to provide top production service to our NY production clients. Contact Shoots Video today to get started on your NY production project!

New York Corporate Video Production

Shoots Video is ready to help with production of new corporate videos for your company! Our team will work closely with clients to ensure their corporate productions are exactly what their business needs. Plus, we can help you formulate a new marketing strategy to get your production in front of the right audience. Our creative production team can work from a script you provide or write a full script for your production.

Corporate videos can be a great marketing tool for your business. They can also be useful internally, such as within your HR department. With our creative productions, we can create the perfect video for your needs.

Whether you’re looking to create a single new video or an entire new suite of videos, working with our production team is the way to go. Our corporate production team will work with you every step of the way, from pre-production planning to post-production video editing – ensuring that your videos are creative, engaging and effective.

With corporate video production, you can bring your brand’s message to life in a creative way. Corporate videos are a great way to reach your target audience and promote your business. These productions can be used for advertising campaigns, product launches, company updates, and more. With the right production services, corporate videos can be powerful tools for connecting with new customers and driving engagement.

Let Shoots Video work with you to create a corporate production that’s perfect for your brand. Want to get an idea of our production quality and production experience? Take a look at our production portfolio, in the banner at the top of our website.

Contact Shoots Video today to get started on your corporate production!

Web Video Production

Online content production is extremely important in our modern world. At Shoots Video, we are experienced in production for online distribution. When creating online productions, we keep in mind that your audience may not just be here in NY. We’re here to help you reach new people across as large of an area as you need.

We will work with you during pre-production to determine exactly what results you want with your production. Then, we can make a production plan to cover everything you need. We can even make a marketing plan for your production, using social media in creative ways to get your video to the right audience. Our production team includes experienced video marketers ready to help you find the best video marketing strategy for your business.

At Shoots Video, production doesn’t stop when the camera stops rolling. We are here for you through the entire production process – from pre-production planning to post-production editing and distribution! We use top post-production strategies to make your content stand out from the online crowd. We can use animated illustration or effects in your production to make your content extra creative and engaging.

After filming and editing your web content production, we are confident that the video marketing strategies provided by our production team will help grow your business. We work together with clients to make sure their production gets the results they want.

Contact Shoots Video today to get started on your next web content production!

Our Shoots Video team is here to help you in any way we can to get the team you need for your next production.

  • Hire us to produce your project from start to finish.
  • Hire one of our partner production companies.
  • Book talent & crew directly yourself.

Top New York, NY Onsite Sound Mixer Services

List of Peer to Peer Referrals of the Top New York, NY Video Production Companies and Professionals

Ethan Boll

Video Production

Primary Roles

Production AssistantOnsite Sound MixerArt Director
"I recently completed the PA Bootcamp where I was trained in set and radio etiquette, lock ups, understanding the sense of production urgency, and ALL production paperwork. I have experience in many departments on set in student and low/no budget films including production, sound, art, and carpentry. I currently work as the theatrical master carpenter at the Pingry School where I work with the technical director to bring 2d and 3d models to life under the pressure of the production timeline. I graduated from Princeton University in 2022, and I hope to get on set as a Set PA or Art PA."
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Video Production

Primary Roles

Onsite Sound MixerPost Audio Mixer1st AC
"I am an experienced audio professional working primarily in the audio post-production for movies, television, commercials and animation. I love crafting beautiful soundscapes and exciting original sound design, bringing the experience to life audiovisual through the power of great audio. Audio postproduction I offer the complete package of audio post-production services, as well as the list of smaller, more specific tasks that closely follow my clients’ needs. The audio post-production process includes dialogue editing, restoration of sound files (if necessary), sound effects, recording and editing of foley effects, music composition and / or editing and stereo mixing. Let me know what you need and we will work together to get the best sound for your next project."
Read more about Chayan

C&I Studios

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorDirector of PhotographyProduction Company Partner

"C&I is more than a production company. We are an idea agency. From working with you to conceptualize your campaign to actually executing it with our team of creative professionals, our goal is to meet your goals–and exceed them. We make every video production, every website, every photography campaign, and every branding project more empowering and effective than ever before."
Read more about C&I Studios

Primary Roles

DirectorProducerDirector of Photography Partner

"We are all about telling your story. We are a full service video production company who can work regionally, nationally and internationally from our Boston, MA and Albany, NY / Saratoga Springs studio locations.  Whether it is a TV commercial or a long format corporate video, we find that emotional connection and tell your story in a compelling way.  We have worked in short narrative formats, as well as long doc style formats, and have won several awards for our hard work in both.  Having the capability to take projects from the beginning, including creative concept development and scripting, to final delivery makes us stand out among our video production competitors. While many video production companies sub-contract or rent all their gear, we take pride in the fact that we own most of our gear and have the knowledge and experience to use it. Whether it be TV commercial, corporate branding production, medical/technical video content, post production, motion graphics, special effects or just simply telling your authentic compelling story; we take a project from the raw beginnings to the final polished end all under one roof."
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Primary Roles

DirectorMotion GraphicsProducer Partner

"MultiVision Digital provides the full spectrum of video strategy, video production and video marketing services that businesses need to drive action across the entire buyer’s journey. Having produced over 900 business videos since our inception, our holistic approach has allowed clients to Increase sales profitability Convert leads at a higher rate Improve SEO rankings Increase awareness Recruit cost-effectively Improve client loyalty Our clients have ranged from solo-entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies across almost every industry. But more importantly, we have executed successful business video strategy plans for every business objective. Regardless of just getting started, or have done video before, MultiVision Digital’s video content marketing services include Strategic planning Ideation and budgeting Pre-producing (planning, scripting, storyboarding, talent mgmt) Production (producer, directors, wide range of cameras and supporting equipment) Post-producdtion Video marketing services With years of expertise, and a staff of talented and knowledgeable professionals, Multivision Digital’s services span the range of corporate digital video production and video content marketing. Our turn-key services cover everything you need to get started, or build upon your current video assets."
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Midnight Brunch

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorProducerDirector of Photography
"Converging from their respective productions to any convenient 24-hour diner, the crew would be found letting their creative energy out. Over coffee, each would talk through their love of film, on set experiences, and how they complimented the projects they had been working on. Finally, one particular cup of coffee would inevitably lead to Midnight Brunch’s inception. They had long found success on their own, but their continued conferences yielded a similar mission: to create unique content true to story and brand. Bringing together their wide range of experiences, as 2019 launched, so did Midnight Brunch. A group of independent filmmakers combining their different skill-sets and unique backgrounds to create a fresh perspective on content for their clients. The productions are dynamic, detail-oriented, and honest. Midnight Brunch is your collaborators and go-to people, leading clients and their projects to engaging and profitable payoffs. So, come grab a cup of coffee, the first one is on us, and let’s talk about how we can work together."
Read more about Midnight Brunch

Primary Roles

"Working together with brands and agencies, we craft messages that communicate ideas effectively. Video is the best way to deliver messages that engages the right audiences. We provide end-to-end, tailor-made solutions. Starting with a solid video strategy and creative development, we produce live-action video, 2D and 3D animation, and deliver using paid media and paid social. We offer localization for brands with a global reach to make sure your message works in different languages, regions, and cultures. Our capabilities are: – Creative direction – Copywriting/Script writing – Live action production – 2D/3D animation production – Motion graphics – Design and illustration – Storyboarding – Content localization"
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Galaxy Visuals

Video Production

Primary Roles

Crew SupportPost ProductionPre Production
"Galaxy Visuals® is a full service video production agency that creates excellent branded content."