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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

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Video Production

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Post ProductionVFX Artist
"Welcome to WHITEFX STUDIO, your leading visual effects studio based in the vibrant city of Pune, India. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services for Feature Films, Episodic Series, and Commercials, catering to a diverse range of clients and projects. At WHITEFX STUDIO, we are a global player in the post-production VFX industry, bringingour expertise to clients from all over the world. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, ensuring that every project we undertake is met with unmatched quality and attention to detail. Our comprehensive suite of services includes Rotoscoping, Paint, Prep, Match Move, VFX Roto, Green/Blue Screen Keying, Matt Extraction, Wire Removals, Rig Removals, Camera/Reflection Removals, Crew/Object Removals, Clean Plate Removals, Dust/Scratch Removals, Beauty/Cosmetic Cleanup, Face/Body Retouches, Digital Make-ups, Tattoo Clean-ups, Wrinkles Clean-ups, Beard/Hair Removals, Acne Scars/Age spots Removals, Matchmove/Camera Track, Camera Tracking, Object Tracking, Scene Stitching, Compositing, CGI, etc Whether you are a filmmaker, producer, or creative agency, WHITEFX STUDIO is here to transform your vision into reality. Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology allow us to deliver stunning visual effects that elevate the storytelling and overall impact of your projects. When you choose WHITEFX STUDIO, you are…"
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