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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

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Abigail Urbik

Video Production

Primary Roles

Field ProducerAssistant DirectorAssociate Producer
"I am a freelance AD, Producer, and PA. Been in and out of freelance work since 2017. I am very familiar with short indie films, corporate video and commercials. I have produced over 10 short films. I have experience with crowd funding. I also have experience as a Project Manager/Production coordinator in video production. I’ve been doing that for 2.5 years now. Familiar with studio binder, shot lister, Microsoft applications, and Google G Suite."
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Primary Roles

DirectorCamera OperatorGaffer
"Our philosophy is to optimize costs through modern technology; technologies that serve to facilitate human life and reduce costs with maximum effect. Agility, speed, and the lightness of the equipment with which our Company works allows us to provide high-quality personalized services that evolve with the needs of each client. LA Mercuri Production LLC provides services to Your corporate, business and broadcast customers. Training video, sales and marketing tape, DVD video production, personal video or streaming video over the Internet the Company creates effective video production programs that deliver at the best and most effective message to Your audiences. LA Mercuri Production LLC, always in target for over 10 years. The time is gold Octocopter & Drone Aerial Reel:"
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Primary Roles

Music ComposerMusic Licensing
"Spirit Production Music, a division of Spirit Music Group, is a professionally produced, fully licensed and royalty free production music library. Spirit Production Music represents more than 50 unique, original-titled music libraries from around the world, including the prestigious Musique & Music from France, FM Records from Italy, YB Music from Brazil, Emergency Production Music from the UK, 101 Production Music from Australia and many more.  Together, the libraries that we represent exclusively in the United States contain over 180,000 pre-cleared tracks that can be licensed globally. Our music ranges from fully orchestrated classical masterpieces to authentic international ethnic music to the most cutting-edge contemporary beats and sounds. Music from the Spirit Production Music libraries can be heard in a multitude of productions ranging from recent theatrical releases (Truth or Dare, Girls Trip, Ghost In The Shell, The Peanuts Movie), to major network television programs (This is Us, Glow, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Big Bang Theory) and national advertising campaigns (General Motors, American Express, Domino’s). Since being founded in 1998, Spirit Production Music has become the fastest growing, independent production music library in the world."
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