Blare Media loves making stylish corporate video, and when the team at Sierra Pacific turned to us to make something special to help introduce their company to prospective clients, we were excited to help. First, we worked with them on story and crafted a full shooting script and production plan. We landed on two days shooting – one in office and one in the beautiful sierra foothills.

For the office shots we shot two camera using our profile camera quite a bit, which moved on a slider with a narrow depth of field to create dynamic energy in the shot. Their messaging was scripted and on prompter which was delivered directly into the main camera which we used for key moments of direct audience address. For our exteriors, we went with them to the sierra foothills to shoot scenes of them hiking and enjoying nature. We used a Ronin with a GH4 plus a RED on the trails, and a drone for aerials. These shots were a visual interpretation of how Sierra Pacific helps clients expertly navigate a path of success in their IT operations.

In post we added stock footage, graphics and great music to complete our visuals and ended up with a piece we are very proud of – and one that represents the type of cinematic corporate video we love to make and that is on-trend for modern business messaging.

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