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I’ve spent more than two decades on film sets working on everything from commercials to independent films. My style, a blend of art, craft and technical know-how, grew directly out of that experience. Having started out as a grip, then moving up to gaffer and then DP, I believe there is no substitute for working your way up, understanding all the roles and power of teamwork, and constantly learning and growing. Spending so much time on the lighting side allowed me to observe how other DP’s worked, so I picked up many tricks from them. I also gaffed for a few ASC members including Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, Stephen Lighthill, ASC, Hugh Gagnier, ASC and Xavier Grobet, ASC. I think one of my strong suits is being able to make the most of any situation regardless of lighting package, crew or location. Oh and a good sense of humor is high on the list too.

I also own BLUE MOON LIGHTING & CAMERA, a lighting, grip and camera rental company and am also an owner/operator of an ARRI Amira.

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Jackery "Couples"

This was shot over the course of one long day. It was shot on ARRI Amira. We had to make… View the Video

Demo Reel

This is a sample reel of some of my recent projects. Most of the content was shot on ARRI Amira.… View the Video

Wahl-Lady and the Tramp

This was part of a national campaign for Wahl Trimmers. It was shot on the ARRI Amira. The elevator was… View the Video

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