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Altered State Productions is a video production company and digital marketing agency that provides branding, video editing services, graphic design, email marketing services, SEO services, advertising, affiliate, & more.

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Your Need for Recovery | REV…

Just as REVO's products invigorate and rejuvenate the body, we infused our videos with background music and sound effects that… View the Video

Anywhere. Anytime Adspot | R…

Our video ads were precision-engineered to capture interest, convey information quickly, and drive conversion. Just as REVO's massage guns deliver… View the Video

Charged Rounds | REVO™

For platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and Amazon, where attention spans are short and competition is oversaturated, our editing strategy… View the Video

Tech + Therapy Adspot

In our collaboration with The Wolves LA,, we honed in on the cutting-edge technology and unique selling points (USPs) of… View the Video

REVO ™ Walking Pad Adspot

REVO™ Smart Jogger, an innovative fitness product Adspot. At Altered State Productions, we kicked off our collaboration with REVO with… View the Video

Move. Be Happy | REVO™

It's in the early morning stretches, the midday lifts, the evening runs. It's in the way we bend, lift, and… View the Video

Stretch your Potential | REV…

Each day brings a new opportunity to push a little further, to stretch beyond yesterday's limits. In these moments, facing… View the Video

Full Body Therapy | Capsule …

Step into the future of skincare with the Capsule, a cutting-edge full-body phototherapy bed designed to elevate your at-home skincare… View the Video

Future Beauty | Capsule

Launch your skincare glow with the Capsule, where Tech meets Glamour. Once reserved only for high-med spas and clinics- the… View the Video

Journey to Flawless Skin | C…

Taking Beauty to New Heights with the Capsule. Beyond the usual creams and lotions, right into the heart of what… View the Video

User Instructions to Full-Bo…

Unbox and Activate the Capsule by Spacetouch. Transform complex assembly and operation instructions into engaging, easy-to-understand visual guides. Designed specifically… View the Video

Spacetouch Capsule | Hi-Tech…

Futuristic beauty is captured once again with the newest commercial produced by Altered State Productions, showcasing the transformation of full… View the Video

Spending $87,000 On Skincare…

Transforming the landscape of skincare, the latest media production spotlights Thais Viera, a distinguished model, and her substantial investment in… View the Video

The Art of Modern Living: Ma…

Step into a world where everyday elegance comes alive. Mario Capasa, the name synonymous with the finest in home living,… View the Video

Take Your Barbering to the N…

If you're looking to join the barbering community in Dallas or simply want to improve your skills, Dallas Blends Barber… View the Video

The worlds of technology and…

Introducing the next generation of advanced technology in skin care therapy. Developed by leading plastic surgeons, this state-of-the-art device is… View the Video

Reiki by Insightful Being

Our team of experts worked closely with Insightful Being to design a unique and memorable logo that represented their brand… View the Video

Master the Latest Techniques…

EGO Barbers offers a training program for experienced barbers and hairstylists looking to improve their skills in the field. Led… View the Video

8-bit Cosmic Beat Dream Apol…

Juno Complex, an audio producer with Altered State Productions, is a content creator responsible for producing music and sound effects… View the Video

The Ocean Foundation

Ever dreamed of soaring above the ocean? Our work is proud to benefit marine conservation, from ocean literacy to protecting… View the Video

Maximon: 2020 Video Editor D…

Some of the projects included were accomplished through video production and drone aerials techniques. The reel showcases video editing, color… View the Video

Make a Statement with Milloz…

Take modern furniture to the next level with Milloze’s big, bold shapes, chubby, comfortable looks, and all-around good feels. Design… View the Video

Lovelace Website Optimizatio…

Take a quantum leap into optimizing your site health and performance. Lovelace Web Solution is an all-in-one solution built to… View the Video

Dallas Barbershop Blends Ski…

Dallas Blends Barbershop is a cornerstone of the community, common ground for those who want to look their best. A… View the Video

Dallas Blends Barbers Manage…

Dallas Blends Barbers are among the most trusted professionals in the industry and not just for haircuts. Managing your image… View the Video

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A New Age for Creative Video…

A New Age for Creative Video Shopping: Altered State Productions Introduces E-commerce Store Introducing an innovative online hub for ready-to-use… Read More

Overcoming Tragedy and Memor…

'Juno spent many months in bed, reflecting on his relationship with Alicia and the memories that had escaped him. He… Read More

3D Robot Concept Sparks Imag…

The Gorem Mech Project, a 3D Art Concept by Roberto Barrientos fires creative sparks in the fandom community. Mechs are… Read More

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Rey Contreras

Rey Contreras


Rey Contreras is an American photographer and graphic designer specializing in art direction and brand development. Shape, color theory, balance, composition, and psychology are the basis of a silent conversation between art and viewer. A thorough examination of this dialog is the motivation that inspires his work. The purpose of an artist is to take the world around them—through all the senses—dissect it, digest it, and deliver it in a new way for the world to consume. ​ Contreras masters this process due to his fixation on the small details of daily life. The moments that are easily dismissed and often overlooked become the basis for in-depth studies of life. This appreciation for the underappreciated and reflection on realness keep Contreras grounded and keep his work connected to the human experience.
Brian Medina

Brian Medina

Communications Director

Brian Medina, also known as Medina, is a Communications Director renowned for his innovative approach to merging marketing and communications technology, transforming brand and business models through agency solutions. With over 10 years of experience, Medina blends strategic insight with a deep understanding of digital landscapes, collaborating closely with directors, producers, and marketers across various platforms. His expertise in strategic communications, digital branding, and business growth has been featured widely, and he excels in guiding clients through an innovative process from start to finish. By forging strong alliances with crypto agencies, Medina executes successful campaigns that ensure brand vision and business goals are achieved, making him a leading figure in the marketing and communications field.
Eddie Castillo

Eddie Castillo

Media Director

Eddie Castillo is an American entrepreneur and a media director known for his daring video marketing approach for brand commercial work. His work has been placed on Vice, Uncrate, OWN, Latin Grammy's, Apple, NFL, and many more. His original work has been featured on Zeus Network, and he works closely with directors, producers and marketers throughout the film, tv, and media industry to offer his expertise on video production, design, photography, sound and mixed media. He has been playing a key role in the creative and marketing industry for over 10 years and pairs his comprehensive knowledge of media marketing theory and creative production with his extensive experience as a disciplined media director, to walk his clients through a bold creative process from beginning to end - ensuring their creative vision is developed into an impactful and memorable brand.

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