Covid-19 Compliance Officer (>1 year)

– Staying up to date on the novel virus, watching research and implementing protocols to keep my coworkers safe and healthy.

1st Assistant Director (15 years)

– In charge of breaking down scripts, building schedules, ensuring all department heads are aware of timing and how long they have to prepare for the next scene.

Script Doctor (15 years)

– Rewrite script, edit for formatting, edit for spelling errors and grammatical errors, edit for dialogue and action flow.

Producer (10 years)

– Script breakdown for each department, budgeting, deal memos, hiring/firing crew, preparing and sending call sheets, submitting payroll/sag paperwork and making sure to stay within budget.

Director (10 years)

– Have assisted various directors with directing scenes throughout my career and now moving into directing features and series as a solo artist.


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Primary Roles
  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Producer
Secondary Roles
  • Pre Production
  • Crew Support
  • Assistant Camera
  • Photographer



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