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Arttom Khazov • Colorist

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As a colorist, my primary responsibility is to deliver a final, filmmaker-approved color-correct version of the movie for all necessary versions, including digital cinema and Dolby. This involves grading for REC 709 and HDR home entertainment to ensure that the film looks its best on all platforms.

With years of experience working on high-end video content for advertising and social projects, I am proficient and fast working in industry-standard color grading software, particularly Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. I have a deep understanding of color and appreciate its psychological effects. Additionally, I understand the entire process of film production and how color can enhance the story being told.

Collaboration with clients is a key part of my process, and I work closely with them to understand their needs and vision for the project. I evaluate briefs to assist with quoting and cost estimation and maintain a working knowledge of advances in technology to ensure the highest quality output.

In addition to my technical skills, I bring a passion for storytelling to every project I work on. I know how to use color to enhance a story and create a visually emotive mood based on the director’s vision. With a results-oriented and flexible attitude, I am well-organized and capable of handling multiple assignments to deliver seamless and timely services to my clients.

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