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I have worked in the San Francisco/Bay Area sine 2017, on both national and international commercial shoots, corporate videos, and independent films in the 2nd AC capacity. I have experience with Alexa Mini, Mini LF, c300 and Red cameras as well as I have my own data kit to supply media offload capabilities in any situation. Working for major productions for brands such as Banana Republic, Air BnB, Facebook, Microsoft and others, I have implemented these skills on shoots all over the world (US, Tokyo, Ethiopia, Vancouver) as a data manager/2nd AC.

As an Arizona native, I have recently moved back to the Valley and am available to help you with any project you need. I shine in settings of teamwork and urgency and will do whatever it takes to get the project done in a high quality fashion. Should I have the pleasure of working with you, you will find me possessing a positive attitude, great work ethic and sense of humor.

Proficient in:

~Production Positions: 2nd AC – Data/Media Manager – Grip – Art Assistant – Production Assistant

~ Camera Department skills: assisting 1st AC with any task; camera gear inventory control and upkeep,  charging/maintaining camera batteries, offloading/reloading media,  swapping lenses, slating and marking talent; setting up monitors (both stands and handheld) for video village/client; responsible transport of all camera gear; assisting camera operator with steadicam, gimbal, and handheld rigs; bookkeeping; client relations; facilitating film gear on a CARNET form with US Customs for international travel; setting up basic lighting and grip work

~Film Production Software:  such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Shotput, Google Sheets, Google Docs

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Branden Paris is one of the hardest working camera assistants out there, not just in Arizona but even in larger markets like Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you need him to climb a mountain with a fully built Alexa he'll be at the top with nothing but a good attitude and a great sense of humor while still maintaining 100% Professionalism. He's on time, always thinking 3 steps ahead so as a DP you don't have to worry about who's downloading media or keeping up on batteries even on remote travel shoots with 1000s of moving pieces. For smaller shoots, Branden is not afraid to lend a hand in other departments or take on extra responsibilities. He is a jack of all trades but his real strength is as a 2nd AC and Data Wrangler. Branden is experienced as a 2nd AC, Utility, production vehicle driver and Grip... He can even set up a pop up like no buddies business. If you have the opportunity to work with Branden... don't hesitate. Book him before someone else does.

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