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With 20 + years working with television networks, corporate communications along with brand & marketing, I have the experience to handle all aspects of this job. I love being responsible for the management and success of projects and having the ability to use my vision and deliver a the highest standard to the client. I have experience with a variety of video production software, including Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. I am comfortable working with all three platforms and am familiar with the various features each one offers. I offer color grading, video editing and producing for various projects.

There are a few things that sets my work apart from others:

First, I have a very strong understanding of the technical aspects of video production, which allows me to produce high-quality videos.
Second, I have a couple of decades of experience working with different types of clients, so I am able to produce videos that meet their specific needs and requirements.
Third, With years of experience in working with clients directly, I strive in helping the client achieve their vision in assessing their needs and providing creative solutions.
Lastly, I am very passionate about video production and always strive to create the best possible product for my clients.

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