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I grew up in West LA, CA and got my first super 8mm camera on my 8th birthday and my first camcorder when I was 20. I’m a 1963 child so I’ve been doing this song time. I got my student pilot license 2 days after I turned 16 and my commercial pilot license and certified flight instructor ticket in about 1988. I opened Los Angeles Sky Safari, as an aerial photography company in Los Angeles in 1990 (1993 I added aircraft rentals and flight instruction). Flying RC planes was fun but the drones that became available in the early 2000 were a lot better so I switched to drones for aerial photography in 2015.
As of 2022 I am still a commercial multi-engine, instrument, airplane pilot and part 107 drone pilot. I fly a 6k camera on my Autel Evo ii pro drone and 4K cameras on my two DJI Mavic 2 pro drones. For ground footage I have a variety of cameras that is an ever changing flow latest and greatest but if there is anything I don’t have, it can be rented for the shoot.
I also own a recording studio and several complete field recording packages with SMPTE capability and a long sit of microphones for every occasion.
Taddei Productions can handle most independent film and commercial projects without outside help and sound recording for any film of any size.
Feel free to contact me, Danny Taddei, owner of Taddei Productions. I oversee and am hands on everything we do.

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