Edgy, Cool, Real male voice over actor with a neutral American accent. DC is “More than a catchy tagline.”

Specializing in commercial, promo, and in-show narration projects, DC’s voice has been compared to Jason Bateman, Will Ferrell, Colin Jost and Aiden Gillen. And he is always happy to do a custom audition just for you with a sample from your script. Just call or send him a message and he’ll get a custom sample back to you before the electrons have even cooled off from recording.

Demo Reel is available at:  https://www.dcnewmanvoiceover.com

DC uses industry standard gear to provide you with broadcast quality audio:

Microphone:  Sennheiser MKH-416.

Interface:  Apollo Solo

DAW:  Adobe Audition

Source Connect available.

DC is also a tech guy to the core, so he is ready for your technology, engineering and customer support focused projects.  With 25 years working in high technology and computers, DC is fluent in Geek, Nerd and Techie. And he can smoothly translate between Engineer and English so he can also help smooth out technical copy if needed. DC was the calm, unflappable guy on the other end of the phone when you called tech support, so he can handle your project and get you back to the rest of your day with a minimum of drama. Quick, easy and memorable projects are what DC provides to all of his clients.

Audio Portfolio

Commercial Demo - DC Newman …

Voiceover Reel - Tucson, AZ

DC Newman Voice Over - 2021 Commercial Demo. Edgy, Cool, Real. "More than a catchy tagline." Do you need an… View the Video


Primary Roles
  • Voice Talent - Male


  • Audio Booth


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