Doug Morris Creative Services

Doug Morris (AKA storyboardking) has a proven record of creating and producing imaginative and compelling video content for a wide range of diverse clients.

By combining years of experience with his ability to consistently develop insightful strategic concepts, scripts and storyboards Doug provides clients a more effective video product with higher levels of production value, often within the confines of a limited production budget.

Because Doug is also a skilled draftsman, his storyboards allow clients to preview their video or commercial prior to production so they know exactly what their video or commercial will look like.


Primary Roles
  • Director
  • Writer
  • Storyboards
Secondary Roles
  • Location Scout
  • Casting
  • Art Director
  • Field Producer



5.0 Out of
5 Stars
Overall rating from 1 review

We've worked with Doug for many years now and he's an asset to any storytelling process. What I love most is that when he's given the opportunity to write a script he truly dives deep into the project's subject matter by researching/ learning as much as he can about the client and their industry. Highly recommended is an understatement!

2 years ago