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Phoenix Director of Photography


I am an experienced camera department head and producer adept at overseeing all facets of film production with a
passion for storytelling, relationship-building and creative ideation. My greatest strength is my determination &
ability to collaborate effectively with others in a fast-paced & dead-line driven environment. I am an expert in
practical application of multi-camera management and manipulation, lighting diagrams, composition and framing,
camera lens choice, and various technological matters that affect the overall visual outcome. I am skilled in adjusting
project budgets in order to make intelligent decisions, maintain team morale, and guarantee optimal technical and
aesthetic quality.

Directors of Photography in Phoenix, AZ

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Drifthouse Media Reel

Drifthouse Media Show Reel 2023, exquisitely shot and creatively edited by Quinn Taplin, presents a breathtaking collection of visual narratives.… View the Video

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Ryan Taplin

Ryan Taplin


I've collaborated with Ryan at Taps Media, where I've been extensively involved in producing content under the TAPS brand. My roles have primarily been as a camera operator or as the director of photography, contributing significantly to the camera team.

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