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I began my journey into cinematography at the University of North Texas in the RTVF program. I entered the Dallas market by landing a job at the prestigious camera & lighting rental house, Panavision Dallas. From that rental house stepping stone, I went freelance and have worked the gambit from low budget to multi-million dollar productions. I have shot industrials, commercials, music videos, feature films, reality shows, and a plethora of award winning shorts.

I have worked with several high profile Cinematographers such as Robert Richardson ASC (Macy’s Spot), John Bailey ASC (Mad Money), Phedon Papamicheals ASC (W.), and Alik Sakharov ASC (Straw Dogs). I learned to hone my own craft by working for them at theirs.

Whether it’s a commercial, industrial, or narrative production I want to establish a look that will enhance the project’s overall theme and doesn’t overshadow the story. Cinematography is a subtle art that is meant to interweave with various other elements of production. This symbiotic relationship is something that I recognize and understand. Most of all, I love what I do, and I am committed to getting the look that is right for each individual project that I collaborate on.

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Solid shooter well-versed in different types of production and all-around nice guy.

5 years ago