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Hyphenate style video producer writing-directing-shooting-editing for corporate and broadcast clients. ENG style camera operator and offline editor. I have over 20 years experience producing all sorts of filmed content from local origination programming all the way up to prime-time broadcast network shows. Recently I have also been producing multi-camera conferences including TEDx San Francisco.

I started making videos because I could mix the performance I loved in theatre with the endless possibility of the digital medium.

As I began working in the space, I feel in love with the process of taking an idea and ending up with a finished product. This is my definition of “Producing”.

My professional life has become all about producing video for entertainment, businesses, brands, events, talks and much more.

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Joel is a hardworking producer with many years of experience. He has worked in many departments on and off set and brings a lot to the table for any production.

4 years ago

Joel is awesome

7 years ago

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