Fresno Video Production – Navi Jackson

I began my journey in the creative arts at the age of 4, primarily with performance art. Since then, it has become my mission to entertain and inspire. I developed a deep appreciation for the spaces and gear that help create a viewer’s experience, which led me to seek involvement with video production companies such as BLARE Media and Windsong Productions. While I have been among production talent for both companies, I have constructed client brochures, created marketing materials, and acted as a PA for one. I’ve modeled and performed vocally/acoustically throughout the Central Valley; been a principal in shows in Fresno, CA (2nd Space Theatre, which required the use of a sonically natural, upscale English accent) and Atlanta, GA. I also plan to perform across the globe with my newly-formed band. I currently edit for an online magazine, have self-published a few short works online to great feedback, and I am the former Editor for an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization. I enjoy working as part of a team to achieve a common goal- especially when that goal is to tell a story, to get an idea/emotion across, using whatever media or artform necessary. I am always looking for more opportunities to join and assist a production.


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Primary Roles
  • Production Assistant
  • Voice Talent - Female
  • Transcription



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