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Los Angeles Director of Photography


After quitting my ‘real job’, I worked as a gaffer for nearly a decade before shooting my first feature Almost Friends in Mobile, Alabama.

Years later, I’m still finding new dreams to chase in features and television work, and new collaborators in commercials and music videos, both in Los Angeles and internationally.

My lighting career imprinted me with a deep education in filmmaking, and led me to serve under some very talented DPs and directors, including Stéphane Fontaine, Sean Porter, Chris Blauvelt, Ben Kasulke and Hilary Spera, as well as directors Lynn Shelton, Jeremy Saulnier, and Kelly Reichardt.

These dedicated filmmakers and cinematographers shape how I approach my craft, as well the work of master image makers such as Benoît Debie and Robbie Ryan.


Directors of Photography in Los Angeles, CA


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