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San Jose Director of Photography


As an upcoming filmmaker, I have spent the past 3 years gaining knowledge and experience in many aspects of filmmaking as I can. I believe my creative vision and technical abilities to be the most fitting for this role.

My interest in digital media started with photography, through which I learned to use programs like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. This allowed me to segway to video production. I am most proficient with the editing software Adobe Premiere as I have predominantly spent time learning and working with it on my own projects as well as those of others.

Over the past year at Syracuse University as a film student, I have focused on furthering my skills in script writing, cinematography and post-production. Being a freshman, all of our work is self-produced in small groups which has been a challenge that has allowed me to push myself and figure out the logistics of each role in depth. When it comes to post-production, I am most capable in assembly, color correction and sound design. I am also capable in using special effects. Most of my personal work is in the form of short films which I edit myself. Although I also have experience editing ads, montages and short form content of that kind. I am confident that I can use these skills to contribute to the work that you are looking for in this role.

Directors of Photography in San Jose, CA

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