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I have been working in commercial and documentary film for the past 6 years. I am an avid cinematographer and camera op and can also work as an 1st or 2nd AC. Much of my work has been with smaller companies where I wear a lot of hats. During that time I’ve developed a wide array of skills related to all aspects of video production. One of the rabbit holes I dove into and love is DIT work. I have a reliable and robust data management system as well as the ability to be the bridge from the production side to post production, ensuring the post team has everything they need to hit the ground running. I can also color footage on location and update monitor luts as the scenes change. In addition to working as a dedicated DIT on commercials I have a great deal of experience as a camera op on many live and documentary projects. I am always after the best image, regardless of my position on set I strive to help create the highest quality picture possible. I always say filmmaking is a team sport and I am a team player. Finally I have a part107 FAA certification for any aerial needs.

DITs in Pittsburgh, PA

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