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My name is Janet Darling . Since I look younger than my age I’m able to play someone younger. I was an Extra on the Brick Madness Movie. In Addition a BLARE Media Commercial for a contest.
I used to be a Model. I am Artistic and used to be our Church Photographer and Videographer for services for 4 years. Now, I’m a Stock Photographer. I love sports.
I would love to do any local Fresno County Commercials or do acting in Movies.
My Interests are: Sci Fi/ UFO, Mystery, Technology, Comedy, Suspense, Documentaries, Period movies and food. I also play guitar, cajon drum box, bongos, shakers and tambourine.
I hope I can work with you in the near future.
Thank you.

I’m 5′-4″ tall
Blonde medium long hair
Blue eyes

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