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I am a voice actor that specializes in narration, commercial and character work. I have worked with clients such as McDonalds, Yahoo!, Quiktrip and more!

My consistent work is centered around narrations, like e-learnings, corporate narrations and documentary style work.

I do a good portion of commercial work and character work, and I am taking the full dive into learning the world of Promo.

On my website, there is a past work page where you can see a good portion of work I’ve done and hear some samples. I also have my commercial, narration and character reels available for listening.

I am consistently coached and taking workshops to improve my skill set to continue to provide the best products for my clients.

I do have a broadcast quality home studio, and am able to record remotely for any project. I use an office space in my basement, which I have treated with moving blankets, acoustic foam, soundproof curtains and Rockwool panels. My primary microphone is the Neumann TLM 103, and the rest of my equipment involves the SSL2, wire connected Windows Desktop, 2 monitors, and I use Adobe Audition and Audacity with Source Connect Standard.

I am also more than willing to travel. I do always enjoy hopping on a plane and putting on my traveling pants!





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