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I began my career working with an investigative reporter for 20/20, Sixty Minutes and NBC News. We created content related to violence and exploitation for the national media. Consequently, over the years, I have worked with numerous media outlets, podcasters, radio broadcasts and similar related to these same issues both in front of as well as behind the camera.

Much of my work today is as a public speaker at various state, national, and international conferences, but I also provide onsite employee training programs as I branch now more and more into creating video content for the same. My comfort in front of a camera has also garnered me additional video work as host, emcee, interviewer, and general on-camera talent for other projects when and where those who already know me also know this familiarity I have with the media and have utilized me in their own projects.

I have been in the public eye (and ear) now for over 35 years and whether live or on video have absolute comfort speaking to people or lenses, whichever duty calls for related to the project at-hand.

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Jeff McKissack

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We have worked together on numerous projects, both for my own company as well as various projects for which they needed skilled on-camera talent.


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Jeff is a one of kinda true professional. Outstanding presence on stage as a keynote speaker or in front of the camera as a brand spokesman.

Scot Duke
SyncLab Media, LLC

11 months ago