over 15 years experience in production, mostly as a gaffer. I am most comfortable these days in the electric world but earlier in my career was very heavy on the grip side of things. Very versatile and capable of being a manager or just a day player.


Primary Roles
  • Gaffer
  • Grip
  • Field Producer
Secondary Roles
  • Location Scout
  • Assistant Director
  • Production Assistant


Grip & Lighting
  • Grip Van/ Truck
  • Small Light Kit


5.0 Out of
5 Stars
Overall rating from 1 review

One of the best! Leonard is a great guy and a cool, calm, and collected key grip / grip / gaffer. He knows lighting and he's excellent at planning ahead and filling the role of a Best Boy even when he's focused on the other stuff. By that I mean he's always trying to clean up and organize and stay ahead of the game. I recommend him highly!

1 year ago