My name is Katya Moskalenko. I have a degree
in architecture, but I was working as a video editor and 3D designer
mostly, and I think that my architectural past allowed me to look at
video production from a different angle, to work with color and
composition. I know it seems like not the easiest way to work with
someone online, but I can tell you, that there is nothing that will
disturb me from my work. I was working with SBP (constructional firm
in Irvine) as a visualizer for a year in the online form, and then
I’ve got a chance to go and visit my workplace. I’m willing to grow
professionally and to give all my passion and creativity back to you.


Primary Roles
  • Editor
  • Post Production
  • Music Composition
Secondary Roles
  • Director
  • Color Correction
  • Audio
  • Camera Support
  • Lighting
  • Cameras



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