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I am an Emmy-winning documentary shooter and video editor with a specialty in documentary-style storytelling. I have been filming and editing professional video for more than 9 years; before relocating to Los Angeles, I worked a staff videographer for the main newspaper in Philadelphia, where I was awarded six (6) regional Emmys for my video storytelling.

I am also a set PA on narrative films/tv and commercials. As a graduate of PA Bootcamp in Los Angeles, I am familiar with all production paperwork, radio etiquette, set etiquette, lockups, and understand production urgency.

– Set PA (for narrative film/tv & commercials)
– Documentary videography
– Event videography
– BTS shooting
– Video editing
– Color correction / grading
– Audio capture and editing

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2023 Cinematography/Videogra…

This cinematography reel includes footage from my most recent documentary work and a few other creative projects. I have been… View the Video

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