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IATSE Union member, Editors Guild Local 700. TV Academy member.
I’m a TV/Film Editor, Motion Graphic Artist, Compositor, and Director of Photography in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been freelancing TV editing for 11 years. Specialties include comedy editing, animation editing, music editing/selection, sizzle reels, motion graphics, VFX compositing, workflow design, post supervision, and sound design.
I’ve been passionate about TV & Film for as long as I can remember. When I was 13, I decided I wanted to make movies, so I started shooting 8mm tape and editing with 2 VCRs hooked up to each other. That year, in 1997, my parents got me a 4-channel RadioShack sound mixer as a Christmas gift. This sent me down a path of creative exploration that led me to the career that I love today. I learned Premiere and PhotoShop in 2001, and by 2005, I was learning After Effects & Avid and securing my first freelance clients in video production and post.
I’m fluent in Avid, Premiere, After Effects, Cinema 4D, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate/Flash, and more.
I have 11 years experience editing for Comedy Central, VH1, Fox Sports, Apple TV+, Viacom, Cooking Channel, Variety, Disney XD, Comedy Central Digital, Netflix pilots, Fusion, Troma, sizzle reels, promos, commercials, music videos, and short & feature films.
I have 7 years experience as a Motion Graphics Artist – often designing & animating original GFX & VFX for the same shows I cut. This experience includes designing logos, pitch decks, infographics, photo editing & animation, and publications, often juggling multiple projects at once – across digital, print, and motion design.
I also write, direct, and produce and love all stages of video/film and multimedia production.

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