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Dallas Video Editor


For the last four years, I’ve worked as an Assistant Editor for the reality TV show, “My 600
Pound Life.”

Recently, I’ve relocated to Dallas and am seeking to apply for a
similar position. During my time working on the show, I gained experience in Ingesting footage
into iMacs, transcoding footage into proxy format, and creating multi groups
from the transcoded footage. I have software expertise in Avid Media
Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premier. I have honed
my detail oriented and communication skills working directly with the post
production supervisor advising them with necessary shots for the show.

My additional duties consisted of communicating with other post production
houses such as color and sound, linking the proxy footage back to the original
footage and delivering said footage to other post production houses.
I am aiming to bring my strong existing skills to the table to be an integral
asset to any production team. A combination of my strong interpersonal and
technical skills makes me an excellent candidate for any position in this field.

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