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My name is Shay Scholes. I am a graduate from the Film Production Program at the University of British Columbia and would love to work for you as a video editor.
I pride myself on being a detail-oriented, problem-solving, passionate, friendly, and independent employee. My moniker among my classmates was “Film Mom” for these reasons, as I’m always available when someone’s in need. I have much experience in video production, organization, coordination, and editing. I have spent the past year working as the sole video editor and producer for the UBC Asian Studies Department, as an editor for Bard on The Beach, and as an advertising editor and videographer for Go Big Creative. I have extensive knowledge in both the set-up and take-down of film equipment, on-set decorum, and pre-post production scheduling. I also have 5 years of experience editing in the Adobe Creative Suite. A portfolio of my editing work is listed below; Editing Portfolio: ?usp=sharing.

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