Tracy’s years of informal teaching and love of learning lead her to find her niche in eLearning narration.  The subject matter runs the gamut from basic math and science for elementary students to highly technical pharmaceutical training courses to accounting, computers and Human Resources.  Engaging, warm and authoritative are words to describe her tone and efficient best describes her methodology.  If you want material brought to life and edited quickly, Tracy is your girl!

She isn’t limited to just eLearning though.  Promo videos, explainers, and radio and TV ads are also part of what she does.  Every client is treated with great care and every project is recorded in a professional studio and handed to the client broadcast ready according to your specs.


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Primary Roles
  • Voice Talent - Female
  • Editor


  • Audio Booth
  • Tascam


5.0 Out of
5 Stars
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Tracy Parsons is a fantastic voice talent and a wonderful friend! Ask her about her "eye roll" that she customized just for me! :-) Seriously, she's like the big sister I never wanted growing up, but now am so glad to have. Her website is pocked with great samples, and she's a second-to-none E-Learning narrator. I appreciate you, Tracy!

9 months ago