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My mother tells me that as a youngster, the only TV programming I showed any interest in was the commercials.  I would stop my running through the house like a wild-child with his hair on fire just long enough to get lost in the commercial time-outs.  But I never considered voicing commercials until long after stumbling into radio employment.  My very first voice job was a four-minute narration at Soundscapes in Little Rock, AR.  It excited me.  Voice acting still does.

My full time voice acting career is now nearly as young as my radio career was: 20 years.  Each of my radio jobs contributed to my VO work.  Jocking music taught me to tailor pace, tone, and mood to the kind of music coming in and going out.  News and talk taught me conversational and informational deliveries.  Management and sales jobs taught me to work to get work when I was not in front of the mic doing the work I crave-voice work.

Voice acting taught me, sometimes harshly, the ability to properly apply my voice is as important as my voice itself.  Probably more important, frankly.  And I can do that.  Want dialect-less “Midwestern”?  I can do that.  Want Southern?  Ok.  Texan?  Sure.  Prospector?  Drill Sergeant?  Biker man?  Expert explainer guy?  Regular feller?  Yep.  And I can do it quickly and cleanly, with sweetener or without so you can sweeten it your way.



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