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Development/Production/Post Production  Film/TV Scheduling & Budgeting  Management/Reporting/Coordination      Trilingual in English/Turkish/German (basic)   Script Writing/Casting /Directing
Communication-BA-2004 Marmara University-İstanbul-Turkey
Electrical Engineering-BS-1985 Military Academy-Ankara-Turkey
Production Experience (2000-Current)
Producer/Line Producer/Head Of Production
§  Developed all kind of production reports that led to timely profitability (for TV serials), projected budgets and tax incentives for numerous projects
§  Supervised productions (locally/internationally) for different locations with producers and staff
§  Recruited, interviewed, and hired team members, conducted performance appraisals, took disciplinary action, motivated and trained all crew
§  Developed and implemented business strategies and new business opportunities
§  Outlined key job information, tasks, specifications, compensation and benefits
§  Conducted casting interviews and drove the candidate selection decision
§  Prepared and negotiated contract issues with selected candidates
§  Production schedules, daily call sheets, and wrap documentation coordination

Film/TV–Secret Lives of Americans (All3Media America-2016) Transcriber, (In) Visible (Rosser Goodman-2016) Production Assistant, Let’s Go LA to vote (TAGB Society, 2015) Producer, Atlılar- (TV Serial-2 Episodes-Adam Film 2013) Production Manager, Behzat Ç-An Ankara Crime Story- (96 Episodes 3 season TV Serial-Adam Film-2010-2013) Line Producer, Farewell Balkans (TV Serial 6 episodes, Adam Film 2012) Head Of Production, Canımın İçi, Sit-Com 50 Episodes (Adam-Akbel Film 2012), Head Of Production, Behzat Ç-Seni Kalbime Gömdüm-Feature (Adam Film 2011) Head Of Production, İki yaka bir İsmail-TV Serial-6 Episodes (Adam Film-2012) Head of Production,), Yeraltı-Feature (Zeki Demirkubuz-Mavi Film-2011) Production Consultant, Bu Kalp seni Unutur mu-TV Serial-17 Episodes (Tomris Giritlioğlu-2009) Production Assistant , Başka Semtin Çocukları-Feature(Aydın Bulut-Bulut Film-2007)-Production Consultant, Barda-Feature(Serdar Akar-Akar Film-2006) Pre-Production Manager, İpekli Mendil-Short-(Masum Film-2006) Director, Doğal Köle-Short-(Masum Film-2006) Director, Sağlıklı Beslenme-TV Prog.-(A TV -2005) Producer, Mustafa Suphi-Bio Documentary(Masum Film-2004) Producer, Maruf-Feature (Yeni Sinemacılar-2001) Camera Assistant
Other Experience
§  Human Resources Management in international companies (Philips, AIG) for 10 years
§  Managed business as founder of most successful Diet Center in Turkey
§  Combat Veteran Officer in Turkish Army-First Lieutenant

Honors and Awards
§  First Prize in Cinema and History Short Film Contest of Tursak and Isbank-2000
§  Third Prize in PAM Short Film Contest -2005
§  Second Prize in PAM Short Film Contest-2006
§  Anthology in IFSAK Short Film Contest-2007and in Adana Altın Koza Film Contest-2007
§  Anthology in Istanbul International Short Film Contest-2007
§  Invitation and accommodation to Berlin Film Festival -2007 (Patasana)
*References Available upon Request

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