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My name is Zach Gold, and I’m a remote video editor/colorist based in Bluffton, South Carolina. I have been slowly expanding my reach to connect with new clients and work on new projects all across the country. But first, a little bit about me!

I have experience with commercials, documentaries, music videos, short films, and feature films. Versatility is one of my strengths, and I love to edit/color all kinds of content. No matter where you are, from Georgia to Nebraska, Nevada to Virginia, I’m ready to work!

I use different softwares depending on the project. Every project has needs, and a set of tools that will be of use. My main softwares of choice are in the Adobe Suite, as well as Davinci Resolve Studio which I am certified in as a colorist.

In my personal editing/color suite, I have multiple powerful desktops and a powerful mobile workstation, so I can work on multiple projects even while one machine is rendering. I have lots of fast storage and secure wifi, so I can work on large projects for a long period of time. And finally on the color front, I have reference and consumer OLED monitors for accurate color grading, mastering, and viewing. All of this means I can be of service for any project, large or small, at any time. From YouTube to Netflix, and everything in between, I can deliver whatever you need.

And of course the elephant in the room, how much do I charge? Well that answer is simple, and complex. Every project, every business, every client, is different. I’ve worked on many different projects, all with different pay structures, and I have something special for recurring clients if they want it. I can work for my standard hourly rate, I can work for a day rate, I can work for a flat fee, all of which are negotiable. In addition to this, there are some clients who need an editor on standby, and wish to use my services more regularly. For these businesses/individuals, I have a new “Editor on Retainer” service. A more streamline system which for monthly fees, I am on retainer for your post production needs, which of course is also negotiable.

So that’s me, but now let’s talk about you. I know many people are looking for reliable editors who always make a deadline, and have versatility to work on all kinds of content. If you or your company wants any extra help in post production for film or other video content, and can work within a remote workflow, please feel free to reach out, I’d love the chance to collaborate! I’ll leave links to my socials, resume, and reels below. If you wish to see work in full, see work not in my reel, or wish to speak to references of mine, please let me know and I’d be happy to share it!

Thanks for your time,
Zach Gold

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