8-bit Cosmic Beat Dream Apology by Juno Complex

Altered State Productions  Dallas, TX / Music

Juno Complex, an audio producer with Altered State Productions, is a content creator responsible for producing music and sound effects for commercials in the industry. Working closely with creative directors and advertisers, Juno uses his audio production expertise to understand a commercial’s desired tone and message. His distinct sounds inspire content marketing in various ad formats, including YouTube ads. He brings these concepts to life by creating original music, sourcing of existing tracks, and creating sound effects. He also works with voice actors to ensure all audio elements are cohesive, effective, and aligned with brand strategy. He collaborates with audio engineers in the design process to ensure that the finished product meets technical and quality standards. As an audio producer with Altered State Productions, Juno’s goal is to create engaging and impactful audio that helps communicate a commercial’s message and branding through powerful emotion, which drives consumer actions.