Lost In the Lou

Nicholas Robbins  St. Louis, MO / Commercial

🎥 Prepare for a Heart-Pounding Journey! 🎥

Get ready to dive into the extraordinary world of “Lost In the Lou” – a gripping feature-length film that takes you on an adrenaline-fueled ride of dreams, determination, and heart-stopping suspense!

In “Lost in the Lou,” Shaun Thomas (Shaun “ST” Taylor), a distracted family man and aspiring rapper, seizes a life-changing opportunity to meet renowned producer, Craig Jones (Raymond Okolo) in the glamorous music industry of St. Louis. Tragedy strikes when Shaun’s son, Hydro (Pablo Taylor), goes missing in the bustling city. Now, Shaun races against time, balancing the search for his son with his pursuit of fame. This gripping tale is a rollercoaster of emotions and pulsating beats, capturing the unwavering spirit of a father. Will he find Hydro before it’s too late? Don’t miss the chance to witness this thrilling saga of love, music, and resilience. Subscribe, hit that notification bell, and buckle up for a cinematic experience that will leave you breathless! 🎬✨

“Lost In the Lou”

Genres: Family, Comedy, Adventure

Release Date: 2023


Actors: Shaun “ST” Taylor, Tony Parker, Jennica Gomez, Raymond Okolo, Rachel Alexander, Ymbar Polanco-Pino, Shuana Guy, Jeremiah Watkins, Chris Watkins, Pablo Taylor

Director: Nicholas Thurgood Robbins

Writer: Nicholas Thurgood Robbins

Producers: Nicholas Thurgood Robbins, Emmanuel Simms, Tony Parker, Curtis Turner

Provider: Endless Possibilities Entertainment (EPE) Productions

Running Time: 00:45:35

Audio: English

Subtitles: English